Golah Countries & Tribes


Capital City


Golah is a rainy, rocky island off the east coast of Paorr. It's capital is Vercidad (pronounced vaer-sea-dad).


Storms and typhoons coming off the Ignis ocean are common. The mountains can get extremely windy.

The coastline consists of sheer rock cliffs of varying heights. The larger cliffs are dotted with caves and downward-growing willow trees. Along with these trees, stone steps are often carved into them for access to the inner parts of the island.

The southern and eastern shores are pebbled beaches. The south slopes down without cliff into it's beach.


Each district has a board of faith and industry leaders that vote and discuss on local issues and larger laws. Larger decisions are brought by each head to a meeting where a vote is made. In the issue of an even vote, the head priest or priestess of the Kyou Sichi temple is consulted.

Their military is made up of golems (automatons) built for battle and well trained warriors. There is also a special branch called the Flash Rangers, whose main mission is to defend against one of Golah's most dangerous creatures, the shelled men, using firework technology.


1st - Umporto

Mostly fishing and main ports for boats. This is the part of the island that slopes to the shore. Head of district is Seamus Windor.

2nd - Doixe

Partially fishing, main center for political and business, also home to the capital. Head of district is Damhnait Brigh.

3rd - Trezenda

Main farming district, heavy in produce and herding. Head of district is Tian Lunrose.

4th - Quascola

Main education centers (cuisine, universities, military) and partially animal herding. Head of district is Richard Wheatine.

5th - Cinerio

Mostly mining, also the location for the science and research centers. Golems are mostly made here. Head of district is Zuberi Jiwe.

6th - Seintanha

The largest mountain is in this district, and the main industry is mining. This is also the home of AAP (Airship Acceptance Program). Head of district is Rin Carvestonn.



Golems with nets sweep the bottoms of the ocean and collect fish. People will dig in the shallow water and beaches for shellfish.


Low growing greens and root vegetables (lotus, potato, carrots, spinach, turnips, radish, cabbage, parsnip, onions, mushrooms). Coccoo is frequently harvested, and many animals are ranched.


Stone, silver, onyx, and jade. Bloodstone is also found, but not as commonly. Stonework is also common, done by stonesmiths and golems.


Silks woven from silkworm string and woolen/fur clothes made with Garumph fur. Hydrophobic wax found on the reed part of cocoo. Fireworks technology. The chefs in Golah are considered some of the greatest on all of Orr, and many who wish to master the culinary arts travel to learn. They use the rare spices grown on the island, as well as other local and imported ingredients.


Tekuh-reghla is a polytheistic religion, that has many animalistic and nature-based deities. Temples or shrines for the gods and goddesses are scattered all over the island, and many festivals are thrown in their honour.

Kyou Sichi or “The Great White One” is a giant albino squid and is the God of Gods, in addition to being the God of storms and the sea. Minotsu Aokass is the God of harvest and nature.


Golahn fashion makes use of it’s silks, often curing it with the wax from coccoo. Work clothes are loose, airy, and practical. Thick wool and fur clothes are worn by those who live in the mountains. Casual and high fashion uses a lot of rich, bright colours and intricate embroidery. They frequently wear hoods and hats to keep off rain, and masks are not uncommon.


Golans are hard-workers and studious. Problem solvers, they value logic and practical thinking. They do, however, have numerous festivals and celebrations. 

It’s very common for people to have one or more pets of varying species. 

Gender and race are treated equally, however outsiders are seen as less trustworthy.

The northern districts sometimes have conflicts, and the island is occasionally plagued with political strife, followed by brief civil wars and assassinations. 

The island has many myths and folklore, and the more rural Golans tend to be fairly superstitious. 

The island is also troubled by underground cults.



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