Hjem Military Academy Institutions




Hjem, Titania

Formerly known as Vikstrom Academy, Hjem Military Academy is a large preparatory school located just outside the city of Hjem. It is considered one of the most prestigious secondary schools in the country and is known for its strict policies, strong moral codes, and rigorous academic curriculum. Matriculation from this academy virtually guarantees admission to any university or acceptance into the military waived of having to complete recruit training.

Along with an advanced academic track, students are also trained in swordsmanship, close combat methods, Riding, and basic medical training.


The academy was originally opened in 1667 to boys strictly from noble or wealthy families. In 1670, any male student would be accepted upon passing an entrance exam. The exam is still in place today and very similar to the original, and is renowned for being extremely difficult and sometimes even dangerous. Thousands of students from all over Titania come to Hjem to take the entrance examinations every year, though only about eighty are typically admitted annually. In 1856, a law was passed to allow girls to take the entrance exam as well.


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