Theodore Emelior Beem

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Theodore Emelior Beem (AKA TE Beem)  is the assistant librarian at the Gearford Science and Technology Library. Though, just a librarian with a home in Mayberry, Theodore aspires to something more. We are introduced to TE Beem in the story Excelsior, when he launches an airship out of his home.

When reading the "Curious Tale of Theodore Emelior Beem, the stories are best read in the following order:

1) Excelsior (Origin Story; Airship Flash Fiction)

2) A Constable's Dilemma

3) First Flight (Prequel #1)

4) Indomitable (Prequel #2)

5) The Hero of Deepwater Bay (Prequel #3; Mourning Flash Fiction)

6) The Man with the Calico Cat (Prequel #4)

7) Curiosity Almost Killed the Librarian (Prequel #5)

8) The Mystery of Fox Hollow (Prequel #6)

9) The Gang of Misbegottens (Prequel #7)

The following stories are outside of the above story arc:

1) A Library Fine Comes Due (Horror Flash Fiction)

2) Dinner is Served (Food Flash Fiction)

For additional background information on Theodore Emelior Beem, including a soundtrack of music for the above stories, go to Theodore Emelior Beem: The Multimedia Challenge

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by Theodore Emelior Beem

A short story for the Airship Flash Fiction Challenge. An introduction to Theodore Emelior Beem, erstwhile librarian and aspiring airship Captain. A story that raises the question of what you might do if you discovered your neighbor was building an airship in your quiet neighborhood.

A Constable's Dilemma

by Theodore Emelior Beem

After an explosion is followed by the mysterious appearance of an airship, Constable Julia Vane is sent to investigate by her technocrat superiors. She goes to the police precinct in Mayberry and discovers a most unusual individual at the center of the unrest. What will she do? How will she respond? This is chapter two in the Curious Tale of Theodore Emelior Beem. This chapter was inspired by the Good Technocrat Challenge.


The Gang of Misbegottens

by Theodore Emelior Beem

The Gang of Misbegottens, a band  of young thieves in the Mayberry District are presented with an interesting proposal by a curious and mysterious stranger. They will need to decide whether Theodore Emelior Beem is someone who can be trusted. Where might this partnership lead?

This story is the third chapter of the Curious Tale of Theodore Emelior Beem and follows the "The Constable's Dilemma." It takes place over four years before the events in "Excelsior."


First Flight (Part I of the Adventures of Young Theodore)

by Theodore Emelior Beem

Once upon a time, Theodore Emelior Beem was just a young teen with dreams of flying. Then his friend John was terrorized by some Mayberry bullies.  What could he possibly do to help?

The story of Young Theodore Continues in "Indomitable."

Inspired by the "Child's Play" Flash Fiction Challenge, this story offers a flashback to the early life of T.E Beem, who was first introduced in "Excelsior".