Theodore Emelior Beem

Collecting Library Fines is So Much Easier With an Airship

Theodore Emelior Beem (AKA TE Beem)  is the assistant librarian at the Gearford Science and Technology Library. Though, just a librarian with a home in Mayberry, Theodore aspires to something more. We are introduced to TE Beem in the story Excelsior, when he launches an airship out of his home.

When reading the "Curious Tale of Theodore Emelior Beem, the stories are best read in the following order:

1) Excelsior (Origin Story; Airship Flash Fiction)

2) A Constable's Dilemma

3) First Flight (Prequel #1)

4) Indomitable (Prequel #2)

5) The Hero of Deepwater Bay (Prequel #3; Mourning Flash Fiction)

6) The Man with the Calico Cat (Prequel #4)

7) Curiosity Almost Killed the Librarian (Prequel #5)

8) The Mystery of Fox Hollow (Prequel #6)

9) The Gang of Misbegottens (Prequel #7)

The following stories are outside of the above story arc:

1) A Library Fine Comes Due (Horror Flash Fiction)

2) Dinner is Served (Food Flash Fiction)

For additional background information on Theodore Emelior Beem, including a soundtrack of music for the above stories, go to Theodore Emelior Beem: The Multimedia Challenge

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by Theodore Emelior Beem

A short story for the Airship Flash Fiction Challenge. An introduction to Theodore Emelior Beem, erstwhile librarian and aspiring airship Captain. A story that raises the question of what you might do if you discovered your neighbor was building an airship in your quiet neighborhood.

Curiosity Almost Killed The Librarian

by Theodore Emelior Beem

A flashback to the week following the death of Charles Button. While Gearford is in a tumult, Theodore Emelior Beem is working late at the Science and Technology library. What he'll find will shock him.

Inspired by the Flash Horror challenge.

In the chronology of Theodore Beem's life, this story takes place after The Gang of Misbegottens, but before the story Excelsior.


Dinner is Served

by Theodore Emelior Beem

Theodore Emelior Beem and his Vibranni companion Val, aboard the airship Excelsior get blown off course into the Istoki dessert, where they find Oasis, a town of people who seem almost too friendly. Written for the Flash Fiction Challenge: Food.

The Mystery of Fox Hollow

by Theodore Emelior Beem

Antiford is hosting the First Annual Librarian Conference in Gearford and its expected to be a grand affair. Librarians from all over Araz are expected to join the festivities.

Although Theodore Emelior Beem is less than pleased about the prospect of spending three days with his fellow librarians he is intrigued by the opportunity to spend the week at the mysterious Fox Hollow, which had formally been closed to the public. Together with new friend and fellow librarian Astrid Westergaard, they are forced to face down danger and solve a mystery which will test them in ways they could never have imagined. Thankfully, they have the help of their companions, Captain Fox, A Lesser Titanian Forest Cat and Arten, A Moon Faced Cave Bear.