Theodore Emelior Beem

Collecting Library Fines is So Much Easier With an Airship

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Theodore Emelior Beem (AKA TE Beem)  is the assistant librarian at the Gearford Science and Technology Library. Though, just a librarian with a home in Mayberry, Theodore aspires to something more. We are introduced to TE Beem in the story Excelsior, when he launches an airship out of his home.

When reading the "Curious Tale of Theodore Emelior Beem, the stories are best read in the following order:

1) Excelsior (Origin Story; Airship Flash Fiction)

2) A Constable's Dilemma

3) First Flight (Prequel #1)

4) Indomitable (Prequel #2)

5) The Hero of Deepwater Bay (Prequel #3; Mourning Flash Fiction)

6) The Man with the Calico Cat (Prequel #4)

7) Curiosity Almost Killed the Librarian (Prequel #5)

8) The Mystery of Fox Hollow (Prequel #6)

9) The Gang of Misbegottens (Prequel #7)

The following stories are outside of the above story arc:

1) A Library Fine Comes Due (Horror Flash Fiction)

2) Dinner is Served (Food Flash Fiction)

For additional background information on Theodore Emelior Beem, including a soundtrack of music for the above stories, go to Theodore Emelior Beem: The Multimedia Challenge

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Flash Fiction Challenge: What If...

by Lieutenant Joel Arnett and Theodore Emelior Beem

A writing prompt based off the new hit Marvel series "What If".  Write a non-cannon story around the prompt "What if...?"


10th Anniversary Video

by Lucas Merriweather Buford, Phinneus Caractacus Cromwell, Abigail Beatrix Cormac, Captain Leo Swift, Astrid Westergaard, Lieutenant Joel Arnett, The Emperor of Prush, Ely Ograg, Gilbert Melker Wrathchild, Theodore Emelior Beem, and Lady Serena Delgado

Members and Friends of our community celebrate our 10th anniversary


The Hero of Deepwater Bay (Part III of the Adventures of Young Theodore)

by Theodore Emelior Beem

This is the third story that follows the adventures of young Theodore Beem. It takes place after the events in the story, Indomitable. In this tale, young Theodore learns about the identify of his friend Willy, the old man who had befriended him when life had been at its lowest ebb.

This flash fiction was written for the Loss and Mourning Challenge.


Indomitable (Part II of the Adventures of Young Theodore)

by Theodore Emelior Beem

After breaking both of his legs, life looked grim for young Theodore Emelior Beem.  Just when his life was at a low ebb, he met a mysterious old man, who showed what might be possible. This story takes place shortly after the events in First Flight.

To learn what happens after this story go to "The Hero of Deepwater Bay."

These stories offer a further flashback into the early life of T.E Beem, who was first introduced in "Excelsior".