Flash Fiction Challenge: What If...

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2021-09-11 13:32:52
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Hello Hello,

Full credit for this idea comes from Darren, AKA Theodore E Beem.

This writing challenge is for you to choose a "What If" scenario and change something cannon about the world, your character(s), or something else. Explore this change in a story of your choosing.

Examples could be:

  • What if Character X lived instead of died? How would this affect or change the stories of those around them?
  • What if Antiford was _____ instead of steampunk?  How would our world change in a different theme? A different time period? A different world?
  • What if _____ never existed?
  • What if [Major Event] never happened/ changed?

Pick something. Big or small. Personal to your character or widespread. Ask the question: What if?


  • Ensure you tag your stories as NON-CANON. Due to the nature of this prompt, these stories must be non-canon.
  • As a flash fiction, aim for 1,000 words. However, a prompt like this might need more room to spread its wings. Do not feel constrained by a mere word count.

Please post links to your submissions below in the comments and inclue your "What If" scenario.