Two Baggers and Hob

a story
2017-07-20 17:30:57
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"Bob, are you sure we're doing the right thing?"

Bob Thacett stopped in his tracks and gave his companion, Gregg Grousley, a dumbfounded glance. 

"The 'right thing?" he asked. "We just bagged ourselves a hob. And not just any hob, a good, healthy hob." 

"But," Gregg rebuffed, "I'm sayin', should we really be out bagging hobs like this? Doesn't seem decent, you know?" 

"Decent doesn't enter into it, Gregg," Bob shook his head in disbelief. "And why is this coming up now? We've done this two dozen times already. Last week you're askin' me we could just kill that fat hob instead of draggin' him back to the hole and tonight you're asking me if this is the 'right thing?' Hell of a time to grow a heart for these people."

"He was really heavy," admitted Gregg as he hefted up his side of the sack the pair carried. They began again to drag their prey down the alley beneath the feint glow of the moon. 

"Gods and sinners, Gregg," Bob sighed. "We do this for their benefit, remember? For the Technocracy."

"I still don't get that," Gregg sighed, continuing to their victim. 

Bob cleared his throat. 

"By bringing this 'ere hob to the good doctor Thyous, we're bettering society as a whole," Bob explained. "He'll carve 'em up use his parts fer all sorts of stuff. But the point is, Gregg, that those parts will lead to progress and that progress will benefit everyone. That, and cleanin one more bleedin hob off the street is always a plus."

"And we do get paid pretty good," admitted Gregg. 

"We get paid, and that pay goes back into the city coffers, and back to the Technocracy." 

"But what about his family and stuff, you know?" whined Gregg. "What'll happen to them?"

"We're doing it fer them, really," nodded Bob. "Society will be better fer us takin this hob. His kids or whatever will have better medicines and stuff. The sacrifice of one poor hob will save countless lives." 

"Is that what Thyous does? Make medicines?"

"Something like that," said Bob. "Yeah he may just open em up to see what makes em tick, but it's all contributions to the cause."

"So we kill a few people, to save a lot of people?" 

"Something like that, Gregg. But remember the people we kill, or rather the hobs Thyous kills, aren't exactly gems of society. Nobody will miss this hob, but everyone has a lot to gain from us draggin' him off in the middle of the night."

"Plus we get paid."

"And we get paid!" laughed Bob. 

"Hey! What's going on!" cried a muffled voice inside the sack between them. 

"Shut up, you hob!" scoffed Gregg. "We're doing this for the Technocracy!" 

"For the Technocracy!" cheered Bob, and the pair began beating upon the sack until the contents were silent again. 

"Come on Gregg," smiled Bob. "We got pay to collect on."