The Kawaii Adventures of the Glass Octopus

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2013-10-01 22:35:34,
2013-10-02 08:56:04
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Prologue (OOC)

I wanted to just give a brief warning that, although they are cute, the comics also poke fun at a lot of people. I do NOT mean to offend any persons, as I love you all dearly! <3  That being said, I do plan on brushing against possibly delicate subjects, but it is always meant in the way of humour. If your feelings are hurt, or you think something is offensive to you personally, I will remove it or edit it as soon as possible. 

I also wanted to have a lot of this done for the Glass Octopus contest, but I had so much fun with it I plan on creating more parts in the future! So don't worry, if you haven't seen yourself or a representation yet, I'll get to you at some point. ;)