Captain Alexander Nolan

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Found by a group of adventures investigating an unknown wreckage of an airship, there they found a boy half dead and blind in one eye from the crash and no memories of his past with a mysterious little octopus clinging to young Alexander. 2 of the couple decided to raise the child instead of leaving him at an orphanage.

they raised him as there own teaching him the fine arts of hunting, tracking, stealing and using his natural talents of finding lost things, and skills that would keep him alive.

when his adoptive parents passed he and Franklin came into possession of their small and fast airship which they fixed and refitted for there purposes and renamed it the Gazelle after his favorite picture book of animals from another world

with his crew of his best friend Franklin, and a young Nakalo named Rilain Svain Mortador, he was suppose to capture her and cash in the bounty for her crimes, but Franklin convinced him to save her life instead of her way with monsters

now they reside in Conwell acting as a bounty hunter, monster hunter, thief, smuggler what ever it takes to survive in this world. If you need a job done you can find him either fixing and maintaining the Gazelle or at the bar The Lands Edge in Conwell

a list of my stories in order, and the collaboration/cameo stories i have done

(top is first and bottom is the newest)

  1. Gazelle Sets Sail (Part 1)
  2. Dreams (Part 1)
  3. Gazelle Sets Sail (Part 2)
  4. Little Rats
  5. Monsters In The Dark
  6. Gazelle Sets Sail (Part 3)
  7. Mission to Barroh Camp by Phinneus Cromwell
  8. Voyage Home
  9. Roots That Run
  10. Dreams (Part 2)
  11. Blue Skies
  12. Land of the Ice and Snow by Lucas M Buford
  13. The Return (Antiford contest entry)
  14. Returning home ( my latest work progress)

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The Gazelle Sets Sail

by Captain Alexander Nolan

the beginning of the Adventures of Captain Alexander and his crew. I combined a few stories that happen in order. so it would be easier to read.


by Captain Alexander Nolan

a Dream or maybe a fragment of his memory, each page is a different dream

Monsters In The Dark

by Captain Alexander Nolan

another adventure of the Gazelle and it's crew

Little Rats

by Captain Alexander Nolan

thiefs come to the Gazelle