Drohtynbror Culture


Military Organization





An elite branch of militia that was hand-selected by the king (later the council of elders). The branch was created in 1482 to directly serve, protect, and advise the King.  They are usually defensive troops that are kept close to the citadel. Although merit and ability were key factors in the choosing members of the Drohtynbror, those of high stature and noble birth are normally picked to serve over those of lower-class status. Pairs of lovers were also preferred because their mutual devotion often yielded stronger warriors.

They are held to a very high moral standard, and must uphold a strong sense of community. After its creation in 1512, Drohtynbror were required to take an oath to uphold the Drohtynvethr. Most who join the Drohtynbror are young men, and they are also required to take a vow of celibacy until the age of 24 (Those who already have a family are exempt from this rule). Their fellow soldiers become their only family.

They wore scarlet uniforms to discern themselves from the rest of the militia as well as the emblem of an antler and battle axe, the same emblem that is now used by those who guard the council.

Drohtynbror can be loosely translated to mean “sacred brotherhood”.


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