Sigr-et-taag Culture





A game played at large Yeti-culture festivals (i.e. Machen Bachen, Fornyelse) or gatherings as well as at schools and universities, usually by young men and women however there is no age restriction apart from being old enough to ride a deer.

It can be played in teams or each player can fend for themselves, however all members must be mounted and armed. When the game was first invented, there was no restriction and members often could be killed during the game. However, typically blunt weapons are provided at the start of the game. Team captain is a position of honor to be chosen as a team captain.

The objective is to capture the other team’s banner and imprison the keeper of the banner (a member of the team who is chosen to hold and defend the banner).

The only way to eradicate the other team’s players is to dismount them. The game is a display of one’s cleverness as well as strength, and traps and devices are often deployed in order to prevent the other team from obtaining the objective.

Rules (Team)

  • The objective is to capture the other teams banner and banner keeper. The first team to achieve the objective is the victor.
  • Remote traps can be laid only in one’s own territory and are not allowed in enemy territory or neutral land. Weapons and other devices may be used anywhere.
  • Players only removed from the game when they are dismounted.
  • No sharp blades or fire arms allowed.
  • Side objectives can be provided to individual players by outside parties/observers (Often this involves stealing something from another player and can also be mutinous in nature).
  • If playing with individuals or multiple teams, alliances may be made, however only one team/person may be victorious in the end.
  • Winning captain is given as well as the banner of the other team, which is often kept as a badge of pride and many keep a collection that they display/wear at other festivals).


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