Fornyelse Holidays


Spring Equinox





A festival to celebrate the end of Dodar and the start of the planting season. It is primarily celebrated in Titania, Adelon, Lilithia, and northern Antiford. The celebration receives a good reception in Antiford due to the foods imported and large Yeti population. During the last night of the two day festival, sky lanterns are released. According to tradition, messages are written on the lanterns. These are prayers, messages of remembrance, or the like. It is said that the lanterns transgress the borders between worlds, and that the messages are received by the ancestors of those who sent them.

This festival is celebrated with the last stores of food saved for Dodar. These are primarily potatos, leeks, nuts, and pickles. Meats that are used are primarily fish and small, non-migratory game.

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