Vibranni Discrimination Culture

Although the Vibranni are not the only indigenous race on Araz, they more often than not are treated poorly in comparison to their Yeti cousins. 


 In Antiford, Vibranni racism is mostly confined to the major cities, though quite a few outlying towns are not shy to show their prejudice against this people. No laws exist regarding Vibranni, and as such they are not protected from hate crimes, poor housing conditions, long work hours, kidnapping, or in some cases even murder. Because there are no laws pertaining to Vibranni they are allowed to enter shops and public buildings, but are often removed citing trespassing laws, or harassed into leaving. Vibranni that live within the city limits usually dwell along the outer edges of Gearford and Argenstrath in the growing Vibranni Ghetto. Entering the city can be dangerous for Vibranni, especially at night. Groups of young human men often seek pleasure in assaulting Vibranni that travel alone, or in pairs. Few free Vibranni live within the actual city, as few humans are willing to sell or rent to them. City Vibranni are usually employed as servants, trolley drivers, or hired for more dangerous mill work.


The Yeti and the Nakalo have been on firendly terms for a long time. Humans that are culturally Titanian are quite friendly with the Pale tribe as well. Colored Vibranni are treated as framlin, or outsiders, but are sometimes more welcome than Humans.


Vibranni are generally accepted into Rusticanotae's strange culture. Due to the requirements of citizenship, individuals who decide to convert must leave their worldly goods and "unorthodox" families behind.



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