Kent Nicholas

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Early Life: Kent Nicholas has a vague Early Life.

Mid-Life: Kent Nicholas jumps from job to job, but he found his knack one day after the Scarlett case. After finding the thirst for mystery, he found a knack in being an independent investigator and Civilian Detective working with the police. He gained a great reputation with looking deeper into the evidence and crime seen as well as being able to step out of the obvious and think about the scene as a whole. However, his ability to attach himself to crimes began to put a wedge between him and the local police force. After the revolution, the police's attitude plummeted, and Kent often began to realize those in charge cared less about results and thorough investigations.

Kent Nicholas made plans to leave the country. However, without friends, a plan, or money, he struggle with leaving for years. He disappeared in his later years, and records are scattered.

Late-Life: Kent Nicholas went off-record for most of his later life. Reports talk of many instances of civilians helping Police, military, and rich buyers with some of the amazing tales and mysteries of Antiford's time. These can not be confirmed connected to Kent, however.

Attitude: Kent dresses, acts, and spends richer then his purse. This, surprisingly, does not get him into trouble. He is stern, and doesn't have many people he can call friends. He likes to show off to others. He is intelligent, but not often more intelligent then the people he prefers to surround himself with. He makes great first impressions, but he wears on people's nerves over time.

Description: Nicer Clothes, Bowler/Coach Hat, vest, cane, glasses, etc etc.

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