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Crime in Antiford

Some helpful information regarding organized crime syndicates, petty crime, piracy, etc. in Antiford


Dun'cahrun (Crime Syndicate)

A guide to a particular mob in Nyxiana/Argenstrath, lead by Ryan Holme.


The Woman On The Platform

Itinerant, No. 1 // This city only has two kinds of people: those who are thirsty or desperate and those who want to keep them that way.


The Metal Menace- Kendall Nelly

Kendall Nelly prepares to rob a stage coach that is heavily armored. He decided to dress appropriately.

The Gang of Misbegottens

The Gang of Misbegottens, a band  of young thieves in the Mayberry District are presented with an interesting proposal by a curious and mysterious stranger. They will need to decide whether Theodore Emelior Beem is someone who can be trusted. Where might this partnership lead?

This story is the third chapter of the Curious Tale of Theodore Emelior Beem and follows the "The Constable's Dilemma." It takes place over four years before the events in "Excelsior."


William Teagon

Sheriff Sandoval takes down a known outlaw, and gives him his own personal trial.

Second Thoughts

Two bandits overlook a promising caravan and argue about how to handle it.



Bran// A stupid mistake on his birthday turns into an opportunity for Bran to prove his worth.



Mayor Horace Cotwell

The outlaw Mayor of the tiny town of Hideout (Formerly Hydeinn) is in for a rude awakening when he comes face to face with Judge Sandoval.

Open Book

Bran// A vacancy opens up in the Ministry of Civilization.

Written for the Short Story Challenge 


Glassless Garden

Kent Nicholas recounts his first case, and the reason he became a detective.