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Ryan Holme

Name: Ryan Holme

Occupation: Criminal and Organized Gangster

Description: Decently framed (not super thin but not "fat"), beady eyes. He is often well dressed and well groomed. He is Caucasian, tall, dark haired, dark eye color.

Feature In: Glassless Garden (Kent Nicholas), Poisoned Flowers (Astrid Westergaard), The Woman On The Platform (Astrid Westergaard)

Bio: Ryan Holme was invisible before his Antiford-Renown trial in 1880. Where he was born, who is parents were, everything seemed to be wiped out of record and memory. However, Ryan Holme was a common household name within weeks of the arrest. Arrested for espionage, the crown investigators quickly turned the case to his criminal activities and water condensing ring. He, however, shrugged off the case and with very little hard evidence against him, he did not sweat the case.
He has a fascination with young artists, from rising Opera Stars to unknown painters of Antiford. He will financially, physically, and politically back ones he chooses so they succeed. Despite his love of the arts, he is not known to partake in any arts himself. Little is actually known about his personal life. His homes, apartments, and even his personal friends are kept secret and sometimes they are even wiped from official record as he is. (The 1880 trial ruined his best attempts to stay out of record. After 1880 many began to fear and adore him like romanticized criminals of the 20th century)

His criminal empire was designed around disposable street thugs and a network of communication. This meant that the masterminds of criminal activities could pull off discreet or very public crimes without the crimes being traced back to them. Unheard of at the time of 1880, where muggers, cat burglars, and robbers were the only criminal rings around.