Arrest Record

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Mellday, 54th Firch, 1892

Annabelle sat with her hands cuffed in front of her at the main desk of the Gearford Police Station. She'd finally been dragged out for questioning, after spending the whole of the night before locked in the main holding cell with all the thieves, drunkards and other riffraff the police had brought in last night. Fortunately, living in the Mayberry district as long as she had, Annabelle had ways of taking care of herself, which had come in handy. The officer who'd brought her out of the cell sat down across from her. Her heart was pounding, but she smiled confidently, as she always did when dealing with the police. Her willingness to be polite, and apparent lack of fear had let her talk her way out of most scraps, and she was hoping it would get her out of this one. She had a few reams of paper in her bag that she really did need to get back to Viradet and hand over.

Annabelle smiled. "Constable Blaylock! So you finally got tried of me, huh?"

The bobbie did not smile back, and instead pursed his lips. "Do you know why we brought you here?"

Annabelle shrugged, "Because I'm a known radical who's had more warnings than the rest of the city put together?"

He ignored her comment. "You're being charged with assault."

She rolled her eyes. "And she wasn't actually hurt. So I get a week in your drum, then I'm back out."

The bobbie pursed his lips. "I could send you to Pleasentville."

Annabelle raised one eyebrow, "For a first offense, non-damaging? Would you really do that? You usually just give people two or three chances. more if they don't actually hurt anybody. That's assuming you charge them with more than disrupting the peace."

"Do you know who you attacked?" The bobbie asked.

Annabelle shrugged. "Some bully who was terrorizing a little girl half her size."

"So you decided to play the hero, because you couldn't stand to see injustice, is that it?" The constable asked sarcastically.

Annabelle rolled her eyes and shook her head. "I'm not that naive. Bullying on a small scale is inevitable. Ask anyone who's gone through school. The only reason I intervened was because she was pouring water on the ground. And somebody had to stop her."

The bobbie frowned. "That's a serious accusation." He paused for a beat. "She was the daughter of a technocrat."

Annabelle pursed her lips. "I don't involve myself with politics anymore; I haven't since I was a child."

Constable Blaylock stood up. "That's irrelevant. The man wants justice, and it isn't in our best interest to deny it to him." He grabbed her wrists. Back to the cell for you."