Annabelle Bardeneen

Annabelle is twenty-six years old, making her eleven when the Technocrat government took over. Her parents were a few of the working-class who spoke out against the Technocratic Council right after the revolution, pushing for what was essentially an elected dictator. For this, they were banished into the desert, along with their children, and others who shared their views. They almost died, but ran into a Vibranni pack. In exchange for a doctor among the exiles saving their most dominant Alpha female's life, the pack offered them a small herd of Chanka, which they were able to trade to a few of the guards in Pleasentville for sneaking them in to fill their canteens in the well. Thus they became Tinkers of a sort.

The exiles split up, and Annabelle and her parents and siblings ended up near the city of Gearford, where Annabelle and her siblings, stole, begged, and worked for what money they could to buy water and clothing. When Annabelle was 16, she found a job brining things back from the Saks District for residents of the Vibranni slums who didn't like the idea of going there themselves. She got good at sneaking, haggling, and stealing, and developed a pretty firm grasp of the Vinbranni language. When her parents and siblings decided to head south toward Argenstrath, she decided to stay put, living in the back room of a gambling den in the Mayberry District. Her family headed south, then made their way back to Grearford three years later. They continue to wander. Her older brother Morris got a steady job working on the train from White Haven to Gearford, so she sees him regularly, and the rest of her family, which now includes nieces and nephews, less frequently, as they stay on the move. She is, of course, always happy to help them out when she can.

Annabelle is fairly tall, and rather skinny, and often wishes her breasts were bigger. She has straight brown hair and hazel eyes. She has no particular technical skills, although she is a very fast runner, and a crack shot. She wears a scarf to keep the sun off her neck, and ears and always carried a vial of water in a jar around her neck, on a ribbon that her older brother stole for her on her 13th birthday. 

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