The Truth About Water

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2013-08-04 15:26:24,
2013-08-04 18:07:22
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Sometimes, on Meldays, Annabelle goes down to the Water-Temple on the edge of the Bartlett District and hangs around to watch the people coming and going. She never quite understands why she does it, when she should be staying inside out of the sun, but maybe it has to do with the fact that she almost feels the same way they do about water. Almost.She knows water is life like it says on the flag, and she carries it around like a talisman around her neck, but she refuses to worship water the way one would an idol, because she knows water is too ubiquitous for that: It's in the streams of piss that steam when desperate men have to relieve themselves in alleyways, and in the spit people use to insult the graves of cantankerous old men who finally kick the bucket, and in the sweat that gleams on the backs of whores and is sucked by the desperate from the blood of corpuses, or others soon to become them by those lucky enough to have a centrifuge. In short, Water is too intrenched in humanity to be divine, and Annabelle can see that.