The Eye of the Storm

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2013-06-19 19:07:46,
2013-08-05 21:03:24
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"You need more bed rest!" Dr.White scolded at Leo for getting out of his bed. Standing up, Leo took a long stretch to one side, then cracked his back and his neck.

"I do not, I'm perfectly rested and healthy now! I just need some air!" Leo then marched himself towards the doors that lead out of his captains coders and to the deck. Only he was stopped after taking two steps. Dr.White having a tight grip on his right arm impeding his progress out of the room. "Unhand me William."

"Not until we talk about what happened to that arm."

He was talking about Leo's left arm. The one where the odd looking plant had pierced his flesh. At the moment it had medical bandages all around it. Earlier in the week when Leo was recuperating from his last bounty Dr.White had been examining and doing experiments on that particular wound. Leo was on heavy painkillers at the time but he remembered the small gash had a blue tint. He prayed to Mell that it had no mold in it.

"Look William, I'm going to take a walk around my ship and let the crew know I'm alright."

White rose up his finger and opened his mouth to object but Leo silenced him by placing his finger over his mouth to shush him.

"I think you need some alone time meanwhile. So I'm going to lock this door behind me!"

Leo said as he stepped back, opened the door and shut it in Dr.Whites face. Dr.Whitle cruised and banged on the door yelling for Leo to let him out.

The door opened, surprising Dr.White that Leo would actually do as he asked for once. Leo only opened it a little. He flashed a smile at Dr.White as he reahced in his breast pocket and snatched his syringe.

"I'm also taking your morphine, should be some fun for later." Leo said with a wink as he shut the door again and locked Dr.White in the room.