Crime in Antiford

2017-09-15 10:40:40,
2021-02-16 18:33:21
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Attention Citizens of Antiford: The following information will be touching on a vague basics of crime in Antiford and, quite possibly, worldwide. This is not an absolute rule set on how they work, but this is to prevent current structures being damaged or made obsolete by new content.

Please Note: It was the consensus of the creators that, at this time, we make this incredibly clear. For Antiford to work in its current state, there can not be an all-powerful crime lord or an all controlling background villain to crime. Antiford is a Steampunk world made up of many different authors and creators all trying to make an impact on the world while writing their own stories for their characters to adventure through and overcome.

 For such a world to exist with:

  • A Government categorized as a Technocracy
  • Secret Societies and Subcultures
  • Organized Crime and Crime Lords
  • Villains and Heroes
  • Secret Police and Spies
  • Normal Everyday Life

 Then we must all admit the truth that not one of these can be overpowered or all controlling. If one of these aspects became overpowered or mary sue, then the rest would crumble and not exist.

 It is for that reason we present to you the idea that no one secret society, crime syndicate, or secret police is all-controlling or all powerful in Antiford, nor shall one ever “rise up” unless a major world event threatens to upend this. This will allow others to join the site and build off this, and thrive without breaking anyone else's’ previously created content.

 With that said, if you want to use or build off of someone’s premade content, please be courteous and collaborate with them to benefit both parties and improve the world.

TL;DR: No Moriarty, No League of Doom, No Super-Gotham. Pls don’t break other peoples’ canon.