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With a rebellious spirit and nationally vital agricultural and water purifying industries, this beacon of civilization in the western region of Antiford is an extremely important city.


In the year 1736, explorers discovered the ruins of an ancient Vibranni village about 600 miles from the Capital city of Gearford. In the following years hundreds of people made the arduous trek to the ruins to find "lost treasure." As the ruins were explored further it became apparent why the Demons left the village. Deep underground, near an old well, was found an abandoned goblin hive. The Goblins were wiped out when the underground water got too low to sustain the population. With such a low supply of water, and a growing town something had to be done. It was at this time that the Royal Government became interested.

When the Goblin hive was being explored, it was discovered that a huge copper deposit was lying under the ruins. Around the year 1800, an engineer named Cornelius White developed a method for purifying and removing the salt from sea water on a large scale. White heard about the copper mine and the growing population and he felt that he could capitalize on his invention, which was a success. With water being more available, the population began to grow more quickly. The government took notice of this growth and decided to take advantage of it. In 1815, White was placed in charge of the city, named White Haven, and the development of the facility. As White was overseeing construction of the desalinization facility, a railroad was constructed. Along side the railroad was built an aqueduct that would bring seawater to White Haven.

The copper deposit was depleted by the year 1840, however, along with clean water production, food and salt became large industries. White Haven continued to grow and soon became a city comparable to Argenstrath, with a population in the tens of thousands. It is still growing, even nearly 80 years after its founding, because of the presence of clean water, food, and work. 

Today, Rupert White, the great-great-grandson of Cornelius White, is the Mayor of White Haven.


The Cornelius White's most notable contribution is the return pipework. This portion of the aqueduct returns clean water to Gearford. He also expanded the food production of White Haven and began shipping both food and water back towards the coast.


Along with the great fields, gardens, orchards, and solar stills, the capitol building is an impressive structure. It stands 14 stories high and is the tallest building in Antiford outside of Gearford. It houses the city's government as well as large amounts of its professional commerce.



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