Antiford Unhinged

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2015-09-08 10:39:13,
2015-09-30 14:36:34
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      Lucas was in his study, pouring through tomes of notes left by his former mentor, Lars Attridge. They were Andrea Moreau's original research notes. He'd been intrigued to look deeper into these notes since meeting Victoria Bezel, a successful experiment that survived her creator by centuries.

      How was it possible, mixing the mechanical and biological so perfectly? It boggled the mind.

      And so the night went onward, with Buford reading mad scribblings by gas lamp.

      Finally, nearing the end of her journals, she'd written a diagram that made everything in Lucas's mind click like the pins in a tumbler lock.

      "My gods... " Lucas said, wide eyed, "I have to try this. I've got all of the materials!"


      Lightning struck as Lucas closed the door to the laboratory. He retracted his umbrella.

      "Bob! Come here!" he said taking his coat off and rolling up his sleeves, "I'm going to need your strength here."

      He sent Bob out to dig up a corpse from the orphan cemetery.

      In the meantime, he went into the workshop and prepared a chemical bath and robotic body. He had called Timothy in to help setup the experiment.

      Bob's clanking could be heard coming from the entrance, but with an unusual sound accompanying. 

      Thud, slide, clank, thud, slide, clank.

      "Perfect! You've gotten one of the nameless ones! Ew, you didn't have to drag it, old friend."

      Lucas took the rotten corpse and removed the brain, placing it into the automaton suit within the chemical bath. He hooked up a ton of of electrodes and a couple of chemical syringes, and finally lowered it into the bath.

      It was a gruesome thing, which would have made any normal man squeamish, but he was bubbling over with anticipation to finally be able to recreate one of Moreau's rarely proven techniques.

      "So, now to start the boiler and catch lightning! Timothy, pull the lever!"

      Timothy pulled down hard on a lever, and a boiler roared up, churning the chemical bath. a small window on the ceiling opened up and a lightning rod rose up through it.

      Rain poured through to the workshop.

      "This is so exciting! The raw power of nature mixing with the sheer will of technology!"

      The thunder and lightning smashed the windows and made his hair raise on end as power surged through the bath.

      Slightly frightened now, but completely enthralled, Lucas started to laugh, "Eat your heart out Cromwell! Who's the lighting scientist now?!"

      The gas lights blew out and the boiler kicked off. Lucas felt his way in the dark until he could find a small lantern to light.

      Shining it at the chemical bath, he could no longer see the hybrid creature.

      "Where did you go?"

      "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" the creature screamed at the top of it's lungs.

      Timothy yelled over it's cries, "Over here, sir!"

      He turned and shone the light on the creation. It recoiled in terror.

      "You are... Victor. You are known as Victor! And I am your creator, Buford. Calm yourself, you are safe." Lucas explained.

      It lunged at Lucas, smashing into the lantern, which flew out of his hands and lit the bath of chemicals on fire, as well as several sheets of parchment flying about.

      "We have to turn it off!" Timothy yelled, running to the far side of the room.

      "It doesn't work that way, it's alive!"

      Timothy grabbed an axe and began searching for the monster. There were screams echoing from every corner of the room as the smoke from the fire rose out the rainy window.

      Lucas was starting to feel fear return as his senses kicked back in, "Timothy, have you found it?"

      "Not yet, siIIIIIIIIR!"

      The monster jumped, screaming, on top of Timothy and bit his hand, making him drop the axe.

      When Lucas found Timothy, the monster was behind him holding the axe, it's eyes screaming even when it's mouth was not.


      The large axe buried itself into Timothy's shoulder, Lucas looked for a weapon, but found only flame, so he ran toward his office.

      The monster finished hacking off Timothy's head as Lucas locked his office door and watched the creature out the window.


      "Why are you doing this?"


      "Why did you kill him?"


      "Stay away!" Lucas said as the creature took steps up the metal staircase.


      Clink, clank, clink, clank.


      Clink, clank, thud, clink, clank, thud.



      The axe made a hole in the door.

      Lucas stood his ground, readying his mechanical fist.

      Crack, ping, thud.

      The door fell flat onto the ground.

      "BUFORD! I am orphan!"

      Buford went in for a full force punch to the face.


      Lucas's arm was severed, and very sloppily, blood and machinery dripping.

      "Please, don't do this."