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2016-11-30 08:32:19,
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I firmly believe that fear comes from two sources: the lack of knowledge and knowledge of the inevitable.

It is to combat the former source that I am to take a crew of six to the mysterious drifting island of wells. It has long been a source of horror and folk tales.

My research began whilst studying the coastlines of my own native Kuu. I noticed that the southwestern coastline's contour and rock composition matched up with that of the island. Most of my colleagues disagree with this assessment, but given the similarity between Well Island folklore and Kuuvian's religious beliefs, I hold true to the idea. The island must have at some point in it's drifting, been close to Kuu, if not a part of it.

It will be myself,
my good friend Eric Hiortson,
Anna Forsberg the technologist, 
Fannar Clogdottir our biologist and cook,
Hilda Forn a historian and chemist,
and, lastly, Oscar Treigyv a survivalist and former soldier.

This journal shall be kept to document our findings. If you find this journal, please return to the address on the back cover.