Across the Pond

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2016-03-09 15:46:07,
2016-03-10 06:58:30
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      Meredith was wearing two coats. “Are you sure you’re not cold?”

      “I’ll be fine,” said Felicity, “but you should really go back to bed.”

      Neither of these ladies had been on a transfimbrian journey before, and the extended stay below deck wasn’t settling with Meredith.

      “I’m going to ask the navigator where we are, again,” Felicity said.

      “I’m sure he’d love another visit from you, what with all the free time he’s had the past week.”

      Felicity pouted. “I’m looking out for you!”

      Meredith shivered and wondered if she should hold her stomach back or let it take its course again. This was an excellent time to be sick, she thought, while being trapped in a box in the sky with no freedom or control whatsoever.

      It was eerily silent. Meredith looked around slowly, restricted by the multiple layers of clothing. When did she saunter off?

      Two more days. That was how long the navigator said it would be, just three or four days ago. She’d lost count. The worst part of it all, was the thought of doing it all again in the opposite direction in a few month’s time.

      “Miss me?” Felicity was standing next to her, leaning against the railing. “They say we’ve got two more days left. That’s good news, isn’t it?”

      Meredith could feel the railing shake, and her girlfriend try to shrink her body inward, elbows clinging to her core. “I— thanks for checking.”

      They stood side-by-side, looking at the clouds below, trying to make out any land amidst the ocean.

      Meredith shifted over to look at Felicity, whose nose was harshly red against her pale skin. “Let’s head back below deck.”

      “Are you sure?”