Fallinbannao Cities & Towns







The second largest city of Kuu, Fallinbannao is built around an ancient yew tree.


The town is extremely hilly and multi-layered, as the topology was formed around the ancient tree's roots.

It gets much flatter to the south and west of the town.


There is no record of when the Kuu first settled around the giant yew tree. It is one of the island's oldest human settlements.


The town is also home to many painters, who have many natural wonders nearby to draw inspiration from. 

The town has been home to crazy fashions and the folk here wear large antler headdresses.

Early Aderfod Berries

Grown only in Aderford, near the southern gate of Fallinbannao, grow these delicious berries. It is a popular seasonal activity for all Kuuvians to pick them.

The town uses the occasion to hold a giant romance and art festival celebrating the season.

Institutions / Infrastructure

A large library houses the nation's collection of atlases, travelogues, biographies, and periodicals from near and abroad.

A castle exists on the southern end of the city where the monarchy often elects to spend Oforand, away from Heimskog. This was traditionally done as part of moving the morarchy around the country for unity, but is often seen as a seasonal recreational activity for the court in modern times.


The top of the gigantic ancient tree has been converted into a major airport for the boats and balloons that come to and from the country.

The Buford Automaton Company has its main offices within the center of the city, and manufacturing north of town. 

The Order of the Badger is the ultimate authority on all things canon and encyclopedic.