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Lucas reminisces about the courtship of his youth.

Hello Jacques

Every year, Lucas attempts to build a third-instinct automaton. This is a story of success from the eyes of the creation.

Land of the Ice and Snow

Lucas is trying to find the missing townfolk of the sleepy town, Falinnbannao, with help from the crew of the Gazelle. 

The Death of Monopoly

A new automaton is born that could change everything one day, but new business rivals threaten to change everything far faster than that. 


The Phantom of Black Leaf and Earl

A millyard man's amazing journey into what's possible with a day off and a bit of tea.

Kuuvian Folklore

Some folk tales and stories of the people who live in Kuu, a wintery nation in the north of Paorr.

What May Come In The Sands

A small tale of Lucas stranded in the desert.

Listeners Anthology

An experiment in abstract storytelling.
This is a series of musical imagination prompts.

The Facade

A young man is disturbed by the glance of a woman he passes by on his way to work in Argenstrath.

But it's probably nothing.


What If... Buford had been Prince Ark?

An alternate path where the Antiford you know was shaped by a different set of world building rules and Arkham Ravenholm ran for his life as exiled prince.