On Time Travel and Inter-Dimensionality

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On Multiple Universal Travel

A great deal of us steampunks deal with the abundance of steampunk universes we all create by inventing tales of travellers who can break down barriers between worlds.

Put like that, it’s a sweet sentiment.

However, The character you create on this website ought to be something fresh or at least following the confines of this world. We’ve all worked hard to create this world that we can share.

This seems to be virtually non-existent in professional literature, yet wholly too common in layman steampunk. Great things are achieved by working within constraints, rather than being tempted by things that create short-cuts and god-like powers.

Official Guest-starring

If you’d like to have your other steampunk personae appear as guest in our world, then we have a convention we’ll ask you to follow: Well Island.

It’s a grand central station of inter-dimensional travel to our world with a mysterious time-limiting illness. It provides a single point of travel, a way to keep certain tech from being free lunch events, and allows us to keep our world unique.

Your Demons Are Not Our Demons

Another point, is that the “demons” of this world are not fantastical, christian, nor classic. Your character may experience a quibbling of semantics by our natives as your demons are not our demons.

And to our time-travelling aficionados

Time travel will be a huge barrier between you and canon. Unless you can think of a fantastic, thought provoking epic- give time travel a central and creative purpose to the narrative- don’t do it.

Experts Are Those Who Learn How To Break Rules

Like all rules, I’d love someone to dare and break them right- but as a guide, I’d much prefer people not try quite yet. We need some time for our world to truly flourish and become self-established.