A New Mission

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2015-09-21 10:44:10,
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A New Ship, A New Mission

A small scooter sputtered down the road running along the docks in Hjem, darting back and forth to dodge both people and crates. It made its way to the end of the pier and abruptly halted. A Yeti of smaller stature hopped off and began walking quickly to a ship at the end. A man was hunched down in front of the gangplank rummaging through a box.

“Good day”, said the Yeti. “I have a delivery for Captain Phinneus Cromwell.”

The man stood. His deep green skin glistened in the sunlight and his tail swished behind him.

“I will make sure that he receives it”, replied the Vibranni, holding out his hand.

“I was told to deliver it directly to Captain Cromwell. Please direct me to him”, The messenger replied sternly.

“Captain Cromwell, you are needed on the dock”, the Vibranni shouted, turning his head toward the ship.

A gruff looking man, with a beard that had long since been trimmed, walked quickly across the ship and down the ramp.

“What is it, Yuri”, he said.

“A message is delivered for you.”

“Good Morning, Captain. I have been asked to deliver this letter directly to you”, said the messenger handing the letter over and quickly walking away.

Phinneus opened the letter and read it, a small smirk crawled onto his face.

“We have a delivery to make. Yuri, tell Boric to prepare the ship for departure, then help Olaf secure the supplies below. We leave within the hour.”

The vibranni picked up the box and swiftly walked up the plank. Phinneus turned the letter over, to learn who was hiring him, and the smile immediately sank into a frown and his brow furrowed. On the lower left of the note was a small stamp. It was the insignia of the Brotherhood of Demitrius. It had been several months since he had been contacted with a mission, but that was their way. As a lower ranked member, he had hoped to have been contacted more frequently, but he was not privy to most of the communications, and was mostly unaware of their actions.

Still, he was excited. It had been many months since he had been on the water in his own ship, and now, since the Northstar had been rebuilt, he was finally able to do so. He felt more than a little apprehensive about the first time out on his new vessel being a potentially dangerous task. The last time he had been tasked by the Brotherhood, he nearly lost his ship.

“Where are we going”, asked Boric shouting down from the helm, as Phinneus walked onto the ship. Phinneus said nothing and went below deck. Boric quickly followed.

“Phin, what’s the job? Where are we going”, he asked again, when he caught up with the captain.

“To Gearford. We are to take on cargo and leave for Clarusia.”

“You look upset, what’s wrong?”

Phinneus looked around, to ensure that they would not be heard.

“The Brotherhood has given us this job.”

“The Brotherhood”, whispered Boric. “We haven’t been contacted by them for over a year. Why now?”

“I’m not sure. The last time I was contacted was when I was travelling down to Conwell, about two months ago. But they were only checking up on me. They must feel that I am, somehow, well suited for this task. I hope it’s not too dangerous.”

“Their missions tend to be.”

“I know”, said Phinneus. “I just don’t want anything to happen to the Northstar again. Get us ready to move out. I'd like to leave as soon as possible.”

Boric nodded, turned, and walked up the stairs to prepare the ship. Phinneus continued to his quarters.

He sat down at a small desk and opening a drawer. He removed a small, locked box and placed it in front of him. The box contained each of the orders that he had received from the Brotherhood. He quickly tossed the note inside, shut, and locked it, before placing it back in the drawer. Placing his face in his hands, he sighed. He hoped for the best, but he knew this job would not be pleasant.

Phinneus sat at his desk, lost in his thoughts. He thought of the how little he knew of the mission, how the ship would perform, how he would be received in Gearford, and many other things. His mind wandered to his role, and future, in the Brotherhood until the sound of rushing feet and moving crates grabbed his attention. He quickly stood and headed up to the helm.

“Lars, are we ready to get underway”, Phinneus asked of the navigator as he approached the helm.

“Aye, we are. Boric told me to set course for Gearford. We should be able to leave shortly”, Lars replied.

“And where is Boric?”

“He is down overseeing the last of the supplies being brought on board and bringing up the plank.”

“Thank you, Lars.”, said Phinneus as he began to move towards the stairs.

“Captain, are we to fly once we are out of sight”, asked Lars.

“No, I don’t think that the engines are up to the task, yet. I still need to work out a few kinks. Maintain the course to Gearford at full sail.”

“Very good, Sir.”