Court with the Emperor

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2015-08-15 07:38:13,
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      "We're nearing up on Karhand! No time for naps, Mr. Buford!" Bird Von Wall shouted behind her.

      Lucas shook off the remnants of sleep and took a deep breath of the tea-soaked air inside the caravan. He'd wished to sleep through G'ald St'at when they left Conwell. He turned to check that his satchel of script-scrolls was still by him, and then turned to see his current pride and joy, Adele.

      She had her black dress and sun hat on and was in a meditative position, simply awaiting their destination.

      Lucas crawled to the front and climbed out into the daylight.

      "Morning, friend."

      "Good morning to you, old chum. Have you slept at all?" Lucas asked.

      "Power nap in the city, had Adele keep watch. Good thing too, woke up to a bloody scene. Surprised you slept through it."

      "Been insomniatic for so long, must have caught up with me. Where'd you say we were?"

      Bird pointed to a sign as they passed it, "The town of Karhand. This is where we're meeting the contact."

      Lucas looked as the approaching city grew larger. He'd never been to the Prush lands before. It'd actually only been the second time he'd visited Conwell. This was all new to him. These lands were so close, yet so foreign to him. All he knew about the place before recently was that they fought with Antiford over the canyon rights. He could remember the worried looks upon all the people in the castle he once called home.

      Here he was, now, travelling to help re-seat an emperor. He learned through some research that the Northern country, the Confederacy, adopted a government similar to Antiford's with similarly corrupt rulers. This saddened him, because it weakened his argument with Phin over whether the system or the individuals running it were to blame for the tyranny in Antiford.

      "Hey," Bird said, snapping Lucas back into the moment, "grab me that notebook, would you?"

      "Sure, this?" Lucas said, holding up the closest thing to him.

      "Yes, that one," she said quickly grabbing it and flipping it open with one hand.

      On it there were some sketchings of a map.

      Lucas was curious, "They don't have proper maps around here?"

      "Hardly, I mean, there's plenty of official ones, but they're never any good. Sometimes it's best just to do your own reconnaissance."

      "We're going to a place called 'Die Zweite Augenklappe'." Lucas said, recalling his correspondence with the rebels.

      Bird chuckled.

      "What? Do you know the place?"

      "No," she said trying to compose herself a little, "It means 'The Second Eyepatch' !"

      They both laughed heartily as they rode through the town.