Antiford, 4th Edition

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2014-05-23 10:41:35,
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There are many things different about the new site, so I thought I'd show some off.

 When you log in, the first thing you'll notice is the new user dropdown. In red are the number of notifications you have. You can go to your profile, notifications page, settings, or simply log out from here.

The home page shows, in red, the latest from Antiford On Air, the Encyclopedia, and the two most recently updated Library pieces. In blue are a random piece from the Library, and a random entry from the Encyclopedia.

The footer is now loaded with a bunch of useful links. In red are the internal links: the home page, registration (if logged out), a page to help new people get started, the legal documents, and the about page. In blue are the external links: the Facebook, Google+, Steampunk Empire, and Google Calendar. In purple are "mailto:" email links.