Kasey's Story

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2015-05-20 16:23:44,
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      Kasey exchanged money with the buyer. He took his orange and left the cart. Kasey waved behind him.

      The next man was well dressed in a multi pieced suit and top hat. He grinned at Kasey, his eyes not even noticing the fruit.

      "Good morning, sir," said Kasey, "How can I help you today?"

      "Fresh fruit?" asked the man, "I'm not interested in getting sick."

      Kasey let out a laugh, "Well, you aren't from around here, mate. I'm Kasey. Kasey doesn't sell rotten or imperfect fruit. In fact, the majority of this fruit will go bad throughout the day and I take that home to feed myself."

      "How does one ensure that?" asked the man.

      "Well, I go down to the airship docks every morning and hand pick from the shipments themselves," explained Kasey, "I have a long standing relationship with the Paorrean fruit shipments. So whatcha having, sir?"

      "Let's just say we've had our eye on your little operation," said the man, his eyes never leaving Kasey, "We're very interested in buying you out. For such a small scale, you seem to turn quite a profit."

      "I'm not interested, sir," said Kasey, "I've been doing this a long time to make ends meet. I'm not interested in selling out."

      The man fake laughed, looking around. He pulled a knife out of his belt satchel, flashing it in the sun.

      "We're not interested in negotiations either, Kasey," said the man, "Now here's our offer. We give you 900 Ciams. You go have a nice retirement and cease selling fruit. In Argenstrath, we run things. We want to run this too. Easy profits. No questions asked. Now either you sell out or we're going to start demanding a cut."

      Kasey looked down the street, then back down the sidewalk. Kasey indicated he wanted to whisper. The man stepped closer. Kasey had a knife on him real swiftly. Kasey's hand shot out and held him close. The man's face changed, realizing too late he was trapped. 

      "Listen here, boy," said Kasey, his words spitting through his teeth, "I didn't get to be the bestfruit cart in the city for the longest time without making some enemies, and I ain't standing before you today without overcoming them. Now I don't know who you're with, but I got friends. I got rich friends. I gots poor friends. If you want to muscle in on an associate of Mr. Holme, then you be sure to come back with more then a pig stick."

      "You're going to regret this you dark skinned putz!"

      "And you better reconsider making a scene. I've got a business to run."

      Just as quickly as it had flashed out, the knife disappeared. Kasey stepped back, almost shoving the man aside. A smile reappeared on his face.

      "You have a nice day, now."

      The man looked upset. He straightened his suit and took off into the crowd. Kasey just shook his head, gesturing for his next customer to step forward.