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2019-02-18 14:02:10
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The Ministries of Ministries,
The Office of the Prime Minster of Anitford

Mordecai Marigold, The Prime Minster of Antiford, looked stunned as he looked out from his office window. He scanned across the skyline of Antiford’s capitol, Gearford. Something was amiss. He knew it to be so. Yet, he could not tell what it was. It unnerved him and allowed a moment of concern to set in. Marigold kept moving his head about in a frantic search. Then suddenly without warning, he stopped. Marigold stood still. He remained still as a statue. Looking out from his window, He had found what he had been looking for.

On a building in clear view from the Ministries of Ministries hung the head from the Octo-ton. Octo-ton was a secret automaton built in the likeness of the Glass Octopus, Antiford’s sworn defender. Technocracy, the rulers of Antiford, used everything they had known about the mysterious hero to program it.  

Standing on the gable over the pole stood the Glass Octopus. The mysterious dark rogue clad in his distinctive mask and dashing cape had been waiting. The hero smiled back to Prime Minster and knew he was now in sight of the Prime Minster. He now collapsed his his pocket telescope to view back through the office window. The Octopus then pointed to his temple to give his distinctive one finger salute. With that, our hero turned and disappeared into the rooftops.

Mordecai was stunned at what he had just saw. He slowly turned from the window and walked towards his desk. The failure of the Octo-ton infuriated him greatly and boiled in him hotter than one of his family’s trains.

Gilbert Wrathchild, the minster of Progress and the one who had programmed the Octo-ton himself, stood with concern towards his fellow Technocrat. He tried to address his fellow technocrat,

Marigold responded as he threw up his hand up at him, his index finger extended. The interruption had paused him only momentarily.

Upon reaching his desk, Marigold slammed his fists down. The strike on the hard wood produced a loud thump that shook the room. Now with his head down over the desk, he growled in defeat,

“Curse you, Glass Octopus!”

Marigold swept his arms from in front of him across his desk. In doing so, he knocked nearly everything on the desk on to the floor. Then looking up as he brought his hands up to his chin, he continued.

“You will rue the day you crossed the will of the Technocracy!”

Marigold shook his hands in the air for a few moments before he stopped and began laughing manically.

“Oh, yes my dear Gilbert!”

Marigold turned to look Wrathchild.

“It’s all too simple.”

Marigold began to twirl his mustache.

“We’ll use the one thing more destructive than the Glass Octopus!”

Gilbert responded mortified,
He gasped and continued,
“Not him!”

The mastermind grinned mightily. He became collected and calm. Using his normal every voice, Marigold gave a simple order.

“Find me Captain Leo Swift.”

~ ~ ~ ~

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