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2015-12-02 20:13:40,
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Hey all. I don't know if you're reading this as its own document or if you reading this because of the link from my second GreyLoch Tail's story ( that may or may not be up by the posting of this Blog ) But I just wanted to write out my feelings for this project. 

From what I've been told, the plug has been pulled on GreyLock. Which is frustrating for a few resins I'll get into later.  The city underground that has been the brain child of mine for over a year has been deemed "Too Fantasical" and will not be considered cannon. And this.... Hurts. It's always painful for an artiest who's put an absurd amount of time and thought into a project only for it to be deemed unfitting. 

For those who don't know, GreyLock was originally developed out of a thought I had. What happens when DieselPunk people want to join Antiford? I think we can all agree it's inevitable that it will be the case eventually, so instead of addressing the problem when it arises, that I'd try to help Antiford and come up with a solution now. There was always talk and mention of Paorr being dieselpunk but that always seamed like a cluster**** where no one has decided where that stands. So I had my goal's I wanted to achieve, 1.) Make a location in Antifords world that can be a home to Dieselpunk 2.) Make that home separate enough from all other Antiford's world so that there will be no "spillage" and 3.) Make the location something interesting and different. That was the goal. That was my solution to our inevitable problem. 

I got creative and pushed some limits, as I usually do. GeryLock is ( was ) vary different from the average antiford countries and communities. It had a different style, language, tech and story. All catering to the DieselPunk aesthetic. They were indeed different but, in my opinion, not earth shattering, especially where as I had condensed it into an isolated box. But it was obviously not enough. 

One of the founders has made it clear that this place is too much of a stretch for Antiford. I.E GeryLock will not be cannon, it's not going to be able to be fixed, it will not get entered into the Encyclopedia, it will not go past go and collect 200$. And I feel this is unfortunately a trend I'm starting to see in Antifrod. We are all trying to make Antiford and its lore so air tight, that I feel creativity and innovation is being pushed aside. That while we were once open to any and all ideas, we are now shunning them. Now we are only willing to listen to the most practical of plots and ideas. Maybe it's just me, and it could  vary well be. I feel as though I fight a lot of the limitations we are given to express creativity and what I wish to accomplish in this Science fiction world. While Phinn is typically portrayed as the grumpy  founder who's liberal with the "ban hammer." I feel as though seen as the other extreme. The foolish, chaotic boy who tosses crazy ideas that are far to fantastical out in the open. And I feel as though while these personas we've been given are extreme, there is some merit to them. I find myself asking myself, Is my way of thinking so against Antiford's base construct? Are all my idea's to fantastical? I'll admit some are, and some are because of my ever changing ideas of what I want Leo's story to be about and what I wish to do with other stories and charters, some are truly trying to push the boundary of antiford in a healthy manner, or so I perceive. I'm also aware I could write them as none cannon, but that puts me off. I want to feel like i'm contributing to our group. Something I haven't felt In a long time, because whatever I do, its wrong. 

As it stands, GeryLock is on the chopping block. I plan on releasing one more story about GeryLock, to try to prove that the city can co-exist with antiford, that its not world breaking. If by the time the founders have read the story and feel the same way, then goodbye GeryLock. I will not fight tooth and nail for it.  It deserves it, but I am so tiered of trying to get ideas to happen on Antiford as well defend their existence. 

This is where I find myself right now in our group. Too tiered and afraid to try to think big, for fear of being shut down or thought of as the ridiculous ( or too fantastical ) one from our group. I still love this group and won't quit, I'm just trying to figure out where I go from here. If I should try to think ambitious like GeryLoch, or refine myself in producing smaller, simpler goals.

- Captain Leo Swift