Encyclopedia Day April 2014

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2014-03-25 15:05:08,
2014-03-31 10:43:16
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Put the date on your schedule!

(Updated)  Saturday, April 19th -- 11am Manchester, NH at the Bridge Cafe on Elm St

We're going to continue the success of our previous encyclopedia days. Come with your thoughts and questions on the encyclopedia, aka, what's considered canon in the world of antiford.

We'll, once again, be meeting at the Bridge Cafe on Elm!


Do not feed the meters! Parking is 100% free in Manchester on Saturdays.
The best parking is Next to Victory Park:

but if you're up for a walk, Arm's Park's lot is big and easy to find:

We'll see you there at 10:30am! I'll be at the Bridge Cafe.‚Äč