Flash: Reading Challenge #7

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2021-08-11 16:20:23,
2021-08-12 20:26:41
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New Year, New Decade, New Reading Challenge!

Are you ready for the first reading challenge of the new decade? Can you believe Antiford has been around for ten years? And we're already halfway through our 11th year... and we haven't had a reading challenge!

Let's catch up, shall we? As easy way to do that is to check out any of the dozens of flash fictions Antiford has collected over the years. Writing flash fiction is a great way to get small ideas out into the world, test out new-to-you genres, or to delve deeper into side characters. And reading flash fiction is an easy way to get into a certain aspect of Antiford you might not be familiar with and to sample the writing style of a certain author.

Our last challenge highlighted some of the sites longest stories, so this time we will focus on a few of our shortest stories, some taken from previous flash fiction challenges and some that are not challenge-related.

Photo of Lightning

(source: pexels.)

The Reading List:

As always, here are the guidelines:

  1. Read all the stories! Or at least try to. Maybe it's just one, or maybe you read all of them! Whatever you find the time to do, the point is to just read more.
  2. PLEASE leave a meaningful story-related comment on the piece when you've finished reading it (i.e. more than 'hi' or 'It's good'). This is not only how others will know you are participating in the challenge, but it is a nice way to interact with the author and show them some appreciation.
  3. Tip your hat to the story, if you'd like to! (Optional) Everybody loves bleep bloops.

This challenge will take place during the months of August and September of 2021, however feel free to complete it at your own pace. Leave a comment down below once you've completed the challenge or to suggest future themes!

This is the SEVENTH reading challenge, if you haven't done so yet, feel free to check out our previous challenges:

happy reading!