Fist of the Technocrats

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2015-05-25 20:28:10,
2015-09-15 08:31:19
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The outrage of the crowd was a kettle waiting to burst. A stage set up in the center of the Bisco Market, among the middle class and poor folk. Atop the structure was Constable Laurence Norton and ambassador Eugene Baldwin. Despite their prestigious titles the two were infamous for cramming the boot of the law down the gullets of the needy citizens. Today was no different. Atop the stage Ambassador Baldwin was shouting at the crowed.

“Quiet! Quiet Citizens!”

The mob did not quiet. They raised their fistsin the air and shouted profanities. Constable Norton got irritated and pulled out his sidearm and fired a round into the air. The district became deathly silent.

“Much better!” The Ambassador exclaimed. “Citizens of Gearford! It has come to our attention that the collected rainwater from the short drizzle that took place the previous night is nowhere to be found. We inspected ten houses. Ten Houses! We found no extra glasses filled with water. This news as well as our reports of someone stockpiling their water rations is not something we can over look. Point out the man or woman responsible for hiding it!”

A poor man among the crowed, covered in factory soot, stood up.

“How'bout I point out the prick who’s been stealing our water for years! You no good, two faced Technocrat lackey!” He shouted at the Ambassador.

Cries of disgust and outrage were made from the increasingly unstable crowed. Men shook their fists.Woman spat on the ground, while children tossed small rocks at the stage.

Constable Norton acted quickly. He reached down from the stage and snatched up a young fifteen year old girl from the crowed. The shouts got quieter as the large man stood there silent with the terrified girl who cried silent tears. Norton’s dark eyes glared at the towns folk.

“Right.” He said, in a voice so gravely you’d think his voice box was lined with sandpaper.

“One of you will point out the traitor, or you’ll watch the girl suffer.” No alternate offer was made. The man simply stood on stage with a gun to the girls head.

“One.” Silence from the crowed.


No three was said. Norton took the brunt of the gun and wiped it across the young girls face with a hard ‘Thunk!’ The crowed gasped! They watched horrified as the Norton kept beating the girl bloody with his gun until she collapsed on the stage, a point where even Norton didn't stop.

“Enough!” Yelled a woman. She approached the stage.

“It’s me! I’ve been hiding the people's water to save them from your brutal taxes! I give myself up! Just stop beating her!”

Norton stopped hitting the girl. He stood up tall. Fixed his clothes and composed himself, then fired a round into the woman’s head. Her corpse fell off stage and onto the feet of the citizens, all who were too shocked to do anything.

“Let that be a lesson to you, citizens..”