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2021-01-30 09:19:23,
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Judgement Comes to the Wild West

Prepare for the long arm of the law. Prepare for enforcement on a level unforeseen. Today, Judge Sandoval takes over as the Department Chief of Sorditudo and Central Territories.

Sandoval will board his new armored train, the Inquisition, and head to Astam junction with a plan to bring order to the lawless West. Armed with arrest warrants, highly train personal Bobbies, an armored train with surprises, and a fierce goal he will not be swayed from.

How can you expect this to affect you? Feel free to read on and see how Judge Sandoval may affect your character in Western Antiford during this time.

In this blog post, you will find:

  • Information on the Judgement Arc
  • Character Information Page on Judge Adrian Sandoval
  • Information Page on the Inquisition
  • Sandoval's View on Notable Characters
  • List of 'Official' Judgement Arc Stories


Rules of Collaboration Use


As this is a 'World Event', if you are affected by his movements you may chose to write a story about how his actions affect you or maybe a story about your character meeting with Sandoval or his men. Therefore, I am going to ask that you follow a few rules that I hope don't sound too imposing.


  • Please run usage of him by me. I am not claiming to have veto power or soul say over your story or usage of him, but I feel it would be curtious to run things by me. Your story or interaction could be very helpful in my own stories in this arc or could have dire consequences to my planned stories.
  • He cannot die, be maimed, or seriously injured.   I know this sounds Gary Sue, but I have a plan for this character and he needs to be alive, he needs to be a threat, and he needs to be able to be physically healthy for a large portion of it and cannot meraculously heal between stories.
  • He cannot commit any large and small crimes without my express permission.   No murders. No corruption. No theft. No sexual assaults.  Although it will soon become clear Sandoval will go to great lengths to achieve his vision, an outright crime in the wrong context can contradict his character and morals in the greater arc.


I look forward to any interaction with this character or his crew. However, as this series of stories can have large scaled, permenant influence on the character of Lt Joel Arnett I am obviously a little biased. That is why if you or I don't agree on how you wish to use him, there's nothing to fear. We can run it by a member of the Order to see how we can make it work.