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2015-05-22 16:25:03,
2015-09-15 08:32:06
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Too my lovely Karolina

I hope this letter finds you well, I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to write regularly. My section finally was able to pitch our tents after the long train ride from Rimstine. Now that we are encamped, I will be able to write every day.

How are you my love? I worry about you and your mother tending the crops by yourself, what was the unit that your father and your brother in? I see chums from home on the rails sometimes, they look so different now, in there sack coats and helmets.

 I half expect to wake up some days in my straw bed with you next to me. and the un kept fields of poppies begging to be worked, but no, here we are in some stretch of dirt outside of some ghost town. 

I still have your handkerchief you gave me the day I left. When I close my eyes I can see your golden hair and your sky blue eyes, then when your hand moves the strands of hair out of my face I open my eyes to find that you’re just the desert wind. 

We have been issued our weapons, and by the looks of it, we might not see any combat. This is fine by me. The musket I was given looks to be missing its hammer, and I’m not the only one with gun problems. We have been given a few field guns, we fire one in the morning to get everyone up.

How is the tractor doing? I hoped that it would keep working while I was gone, and with mechanic in town sent off to jail, I don’t know where you will get it fixed if it acts up. I still can’t believe that the mechanic would try to destroy the rail line in town, all for what? Some wanna be Emperor? This Emperor is the only reason why I can’t be with you now. 

My sergeant just called us to the parade yard, I shall be home by Dodar my love. 

From your ever loving Husband