FLASH CHALLENGE - Where's the best food in Kuu?

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2019-07-01 10:43:37
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1 Mohday 1899, Skia

Dear Diary,

So my moving image capturing camera still isn't working, so I have to start using a diary to keep my adventures written down. Today I found the best food I've ever eaten and I've traveled all over Orr (well not everywhere since The Gratification and the Diamond Devil's aren't always welcome - ok, sometimes we can't always pay the bonds when we get arrested for our show). 

This time we traveled to my home country, Kuu and stayed in my preferred city Bearu. I haven't been here in years at this point and the city has changed quite a bit! I offered to take my mates to my favorite brewery, but alas it had been replaced by a new one! We decided to go here, The Dancing Stag. 

I'll keep this short but I have never had a better plate of Skiic and veggies in my life! I don't know how they seasoned the Skiic, but it was perfect! If I had to guess, they used seasoning from the gardens in Fallinbannoa, because they were more exotic than anything you can find in Bearu. Actually the waitress had mentioned this was a "Queen's meal" so it makes sense that they'd have seasoning from her royal gardens by her summer palace. NOT that I remember much about Kuuvian hierarchy and stuff like that but the meal was expensive so I have to guess they were using royal garden herbs. Paired with the breweries own hopped beer it was like heaven! The brewery was gorgeous too, on a farm a little out of town, which I knew about. But this brewery had a God Stag as their mascot! I can't believe they're getting away with having a sacred animal in captivity but there it was! Majestically grazing in the farm yard beside the brewery. The girls loved it too and of course we love Mister Zed for paying for our meal! 

We stayed in Bearu to do a show and of course the people loved it because Bearu is a much less staunchy town than like almost everywhere on the planet. We were tipped heavily and while the girls did their solos I had a booth set up to read fortunes and GUESS WHAT! I had a lady sit down and her fortune said she was going to get very hungry and so I suggested the brewery we went to for late libations! 

After the show we walked around the city looking at all the shops and breweries, sporting some antlers I made for myself and the girls (not that they're as religious about it as I can be, but "when in Kuu" as they say, they looked beautiful anyhow). Mister Zed stayed on The Gratification so it was just us girls that night. It was late so almost everything was closed, but I managed to find some bred and a bottle of beer and gave it to a homeless man on the street. Bearu is sort of a haven for the weird and tends to attract a lot of homeless or nomads, a lot of whom we stopped and talked to about their adventures and ours. 

We're touring lower Kuu (there isn't much in upper Kuu except nomads and fanatics) and tomorrow we set off for Fallinbannoa. We expect our audience won't be as thrilled as the one here in Bearu, but it's still an easy city with people who fancy a little strip tease. My question is, being Skia and Queen Hannah easily being in her summer palace - can we attract royalty to our show?

Moreover, is it possible to find food even better than The Dancing Stag? Like, anywhere at all?

Well, I'm gonna try to fixed my device - even the one meant to record my voice is on the fritz. So, I'm going to try to fix those so my next entry will be a moving image with my voice instead of written in my diary! (By the way, this is my first entry and I'm hoping this journal stays mostly empty haha).

The weather is Bearu was sunny and warm, before we leave tomorrow we will be going for a short swim in the ocean!

Ok...how do you end a diary entry? Much love to Mister Zed and the Diamond Devils and may good fortune find you!