Badger Boy's Demise #37

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2013-09-24 18:22:27,
2013-09-26 08:28:06
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“Rats! Rats everywhere!” The Glass Octopus exclaimed. The streets of the town were being overrun by giant hoards of rats, squeaking, bringing disease and filth with them to every household.

“Oh no, is it--?” Badger Boy asked, adjusting his tawny mask as he stopped right next to his cephalopod-headed leader.

“It is, Badger Boy. It is…” The Glass Octopus grimaced and narrowed his eyes as he looked up towards a building eclipsing the full moon. A long, worm-like tail flicked in the pale light, a plump and towering figure creating a grotesque shadow upon the rooftops. “Fat-Obese-Giant-Ratlady and her plentiful rat minions.”

The Glass Octopus quickly darted into the shadows against the building Fat-Obese-Giant-Ratlady was cackling on. However, Badger Boy took no notice, since he was currently fiddling with his grappling hook on his belt.

“Stop…erg…getting…rah…JAMMED!” With Badger Boy’s immense frustration, the hook suddenly became loose, but instead of flying upward towards the rooftop like he had originally wished for it to go, it launched a couple feet into the sky until gravity brought it straight back down onto his skull.

Badger Boy groaned and rubbed the top of his head, truly believing the instrument drew blood on its way back down. “I just wanted to be cool,” he mumbled as a few tears slipped down his cheeks. He decided to move over to the side of the building that Fat-Obese-Giant-Ratlady was on, only to see that his hero was already in action, lodging a smoke bomb over the rooftop, which then hit the ugly rat woman in the face, and climbing up to perform his plan of attack. Badger Boy felt like he was merely there for moral support or perhaps comic relief when the Glass Octopus needed a good chuckle.

As the poor little sidekick tried scrambling up the side of the building, his grappling hook now broken due to bad luck and subpar design, he felt something—or somethings—nibbling at his feet. He glanced down and noticed he was being surrounded by giant, plagued rats, each of them foaming at the mouth as they bit into his poorly armored skin. He screamed and dug his metal, badger-like nails into the side of the brick building, attempting to escape Fat-Obese-Giant-Ratlady’s malnourished and sickly rats.

“Badger Boy,” the Glass Octopus called over the edge of the roof, still swinging kicks and punches at the plump, female fiend, “stop dicking around and get up here! I’m going to defeat her without you if you don’t get your act together soon!”

The boy cried. “I’m trying, I’m trying! But these rats won’t leave me alone!” He kicked his feet and grasped onto a window sill, kicking a few off his legs. He could already feel the bite marks swelling, possibly triple in size.

“They’re only rats! Deal with it! I didn’t take you under my tentacle as a lame cry baby. Now get up here!” The hero’s face disappeared as he continued to fight Fat-Obese-Giant-Ratlady on the rooftop, disturbing, rat-like hisses and screams being heard from the streets below.

Tears continued to stream down Badger Boy’s face as he kicked another three or four rats off his other leg, his skin burning and tingling unpleasantly.

“Sir, I’m pretty sure I have rabies!” he called up to the Glass Octopus, but he got no response. He yelped when he felt something bite onto his leg, yet again. However, instead of a simple plagued bite like he had gotten many times in the previous minutes, this one rat took out a chunk of muscle from his calf. It wasn’t merely trying to infect him: it was after his juicy, fleshy bits. Badger Boy let out another scream, his throat going raw from the intensity.

“I’ve got to make it up there,” he whimpered, pulling his right claws out of the wall and digging them back in a foot higher. “To help…urg…the Glass Octopus and to…GAH!...get away from these blasted…RATS!”

After another minute, Badger Boy was finally out of range of the rats below, which were still hissing and attempting to nip at his now numb toes. He couldn’t feel anything past his knees, and the pain seemed to be slowly crawling up his infected limbs into his torso. He knew he would pass out at any second, but he had to make it to the rooftop, for the Glass Octopus’s sake and for his.

“Just…a little…further…” Badger Boy groaned, pulling himself over the edge of the roof with brute arm strength. He no longer had the use of his legs. They just felt like giant pillars of stone.

Once he had pulled himself onto the rooftop, he glanced at his left leg, the one that had been feasted on by one of the rats. He almost vomited upon seeing it. That rat had taken so much meat out of his leg that he could see his ivory bone peeking through the pink, bloody flesh. He had to look away and cover his mouth with a hand, focusing on staying awake and aiding the Glass Octopus in the fight.

“I’m…coming…urg…over,” Badger Boy whispered, unable to produce much volume in his voice. He attempted to crawl over to where his superior was facing off against Fat-Obese-Giant-Ratlady, using his arms to maneuver over the flat, concrete rooftop.

“Glass…Octopus!” he cried, coming within range. “I’m finally—“ He gasped and stopped crawling, his eyes widening in fear as an obese, rat-like rear headed in his direction. He tried to roll out of the way, but seeing as his legs were dysfunctional at the moment, he feared for the worse. And the worse did happen.

“Ouch,” the Glass Octopus said, watching at Fat-Obese-Giant-Ratlady landed directly on top of Badger Boy. He had previously punched her a little ways into the sky with his rocket-powered Fist of Fury—the rockets providing extra power to his strength for exceptionally large villains—but hadn’t seen Badger Boy crawling over, his legs severely and grotesquely torn up from the rats below. He heard a muffled crunching sound when Fat-Obese-Giant-Ratlady’s bulbous behind made impact upon his sidekick, the rooftop rumbling terrifically beneath them.

“You…You’ll pay for that!” the hideous rat woman screeched, standing up with difficulty from the crater she had created in the flat roof. She paused for a second after getting back up and pulled something out from her behind. Poor Badger Boy, his body crushed and mangled, now became Fat-Obese-Giant-Ratlady’s new temporary weapon of choice.

She swung the bleeding, crumpled body at the Glass Octopus, using it like a bat. Each hit landed brutally against the hero’s face and body, leaving deep red stains and a few entrails upon his well-fitted outfit.

“How does it feel, being smacked around by your own sidekick,” Fat-Obese-Giant-Ratlady coughed, the Glass Octopus putting up his arms in order to defend himself from more attacks.

“I’d have to say that I taught him well,” he said, smirking. “But not well enough.” He snapped his fingers and his rocket-powered Fist of Fury sparked back to life. He quickly aimed his fist and landed a punch right underneath Fat-Obese-Giant-Ratlady’s nearly nonexistent jaw, sending her toppling over the edge of the rooftop to the street below.

Upon falling, the villain released Badger Boy’s corpse, his body flopping into a disgusting little pile of splintered bones, bleeding organs, and infected tissue. However, the Glass Octopus seemed to take no notice. He merely thought the pile was a large rock or a chimney on which to place his foot on, posing heroically over the city.

The hero grinned emphatically. “And once again, the day is saved, thanks to me: The Glass Octopus!”