Huntress Rilain Svain Mortador

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Up until age 7, she resided with her pack, the Nakalo, within the mountains between Titania and Antiford. She never behaved quite right, even since birth. She was mischievous and would always bother the adults and other children within the pack, causing pranks, pushing individuals into bodies of water or off their seats, or constantly setting the Chankas free just to see how much chaos would occur within the village. The elders believed it to be a phase, this attitude arising when she turned 2, but after 5 long years of the same continuous and obnoxious ruckus, they initiated a trade with an upper class human involved in the Nakalo’s punishment program for naughty younglings. This human was looking for a playmate for his son, who seemed to complain a lot about not having any friends (no one wanted to be friends with him because he was too uptight and pompous, always flaunting his family’s richness). So, having agreed to the trade, this upper class, Antifordian human brought Rilain back to the Rowe District—kicking, cursing, and screaming—to present his son with a playmate, albeit an uncooperative one. However, understanding the conditions of being a part of the Nakalo’s punishment program for naughty younglings, Rilain would not only have to be forced to play with this snooty boy, but will also be punished further if she does not, such as being smacked around the ankles or forced to bed without any meals.
                After several years of putting up with the Antifordian’s snooty son, Rilian became resilient. She knew how to mask her true feelings, she knew how to pretend she was enjoying something, and she knew when to bite her tongue and keep herself from saying something she would soon regret. This boy, Fredrick was his name, lashed out at Rilain every time she showed a weakness or said something he did not want to hear. She was punished by her form of punishment, feeling as though she had already descended to the 9th layer of Hell. However, at age 16, she knew what to expect of Fredrick and even knew how to avoid his constant flirtatious advances without straight telling him off. She became sly, but also polite and falsely, believably nice. Fredrick trained her without having to train her, simply by being his old snooty, stuck-up, pompous self.
                Bordering on age 18, Rilain knew she had to leave her hall of imprisonment, even if the Nakalo’s sentence was a life sentence—having become a Demon slave, dealing with Fredrick as her form of punishment, her tail was viciously removed so that she could be accepted within the household and as Fredrick’s playmate. She knew that she would never be able to return to her home pack, lacking her once dear tail; however, it did not mean she could attempt escaping and finding a comforting life of her own elsewhere. So, with that thought in mind, she planned her escape, making sure to bring out one final explosion of chaos, taking a place as a benchmark within her mischievous childhood.
                Fredrick’s family owned two dogs: Rugby and Reginald. Both were lupine hybrids and both were extremely dimwitted, perhaps due to their severe inbreeding, which had been done to create the “perfect” domesticated lupine hybrid. Having a slightly devious idea about how to escape, she grinned evilly when she saw the two dogs prancing around with Fredrick in the garden. Along with Fredrick, these rather dull dogs growled at Rilain constantly, stealing her food upon her dinner plate, chewing holes through the three articles of clothing she owned, and snapping at her fingers every time she tried to touch either of the dog’s silken fur. After years of this type of treatment—from boy, family, and dogs—the Nakalo finally decided to bring the pain she had dealt with back upon them.
                While she was being ordered around the garden one late afternoon by Fredrick, she snuck out her wooden flute that she had stashed under her shirt and quickly slammed the end of it into the back of his head. Rubgy and Reginald stop galloping around the garden when they heard a heavy thud upon the ground, turning to see Rilain with her flute out in front of her. She stared at the dogs for several seconds, and they stared back at her trying to grasp the connection between her flute and their owner face down on the grass. She started backing away a couple steps until the thought finally clicked within their tiny little skulls. The dogs lunged at her, growling and snarling. Rilain squeaked and jumped back, quickly bringing her flute to her lips and playing a lullaby the elders within her pack would always hum or sing to the younglings. Surprisingly, the dogs stopped and wavered a little bit, their ears perking up towards the soft, melodious sound. Rilain smiled and lured them towards her, unsheathing the kitchen knife she had stored up her sleeve, just in case she had to resort to violence. However, now that she had Rugby and Reginald under her control, and since she desired their pelts, she snuck them over to the small grove of trees and quickly stabbed them through their silken chests.
                In order to keep their murders from being discovered, Rilain shaved of their pelts and made a make-shift pack that held some of their innards while the rest, she willingly swallowed. These two dogs were the best-tasting meals she had had in years.
                Rugby’s and Reginald’s tails, their colors and softness attracting Rilain’s eyes, became her new trinkets, which she happily attached to her belt before taking off towards the streets. A few of the security officers roaming the front of the house in case of thieves caught her running past them, one noticing the familiar-colored tails she had on her belt. They raised the alarm immediately, causing Rilian to increasing her running speed.     
                Rilain narrowly escaped the outskirts of the city, knowing that she might not be able to return for quite some time, if she ever wanted to. So instead, she decided to travel elsewhere, since she couldn’t return to her home pack and definitely couldn’t return to Antiford, at least for several years.
                A few months after traveling, sampling every type of furry creature she stumbled upon for sustenance—and for her fur obsession—she came across an airship captain, Alexander Nolan. He had a bounty warrant clasped in his hand and she recognized the face upon the page as her own. Her face turned paler than it naturally was, but for some reason, Alexander crumpled up the warrant and greeted her with a friendly smile, rather than the barrel of his revolver. The bounty that had been placed on her several months before would have been enough to feed him for at least half a year. She wondered why he had willingly accepted her as his newest traveling companion…

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