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-=Prush Empire History=-

The grand map of Prush​​
United in 1659 by a clan of desert warriors named the Prushazzia, once they conquered the area that is known as the classical Prush Empire the old leader died and Con VonKresser brutally grabbed power in the region.1683 Con vonKresser died and gave his lands to his only son, Erick VonKresser who brought the areas under there rule the name of Prush. The Prush Empire was fully constructed in 1730. The ruling family of VonKresser recognized them as traditional Prush, instead of the Techno-Prush of the south.1820 war broke out between The Prush Empire and southern desert tribes of Vibranni, the war lasted 4 years but the Prush Empire won. During the war the Techno-Prush provinces lost many men and in southern Prush the VonKresser family is known as butchers. 1842 a new group of Prush rise, named the Aristocratic Prush, this group is made up of Techno Prush that moved into north Prush to become a part of the government. The Aristocratic Prush becomes the second most powerful group in Prush aside from the Royal family.  This rise in power for the Aristocrats makes the Techno-Prush even more disfranchised to the government. In 1879 war breaks out between Antiford and The Prush Empire. 1882 the Techno-Prush rebel, and after a year of conflict the new government is in place, made up of Aristocratic-Prush and some Techno-Prush. The south broke ties with the Prush Empire and started two countries, Mericia and Prushland. The left over Lands turned into the Prush Confederacy. The Aristocrat Prush rule from there Government Palaces in Dalaerum, and the rest of the confederacy is left in chaos. The military arm of the government is made up of mostly Techno-Prush, there chief job is to take in money and to police the Traditional Prush people.
-out of world- The Prush Confederacy is like 3rd world country that feels post-apocalyptic. It’s the wild west of Paorr.

Prush Empire 
-Dalaerum, Home to the Emperor and set of power over all of the Prush Empire.
-Prushland, Western most Provence.
-Merica, Southern most Provence.
-Schmutzvaria, West of Dalaerum
-Dustermark, The heart land of the Prush Empire.
-Roliland , South of Dalaerum.
-Outerford, West of Sharpwich and the only bordering province to Anitiford.
-Sharpwich, West of Dustermark.
New Prush Confederacy District
-Dalaerum, head District, the confederacy’s capital.
-Schmutzvaria, small government, supporter of the confederacy.
-Dustermark, good strong government, biggest supporter of the confederacy.
-Roliland, outside government rule, mostly refuges.
-Outerford, tyrannical government, 3rd world living.  
-Sharpwich, small government, bandits own much of the state.

Who and what?

Traditional Prush- The desert tribes of Prush that started as tinkers and desert wanderers-(think Mongols)- there culture is centered around the warriors way.
Costume ideas-Chinese outfits, try adding some mid-east items like a shemog or a sash.
-weapons like swords, muskets and bows are very common.
-headgear like paddy hats, turbans are a fun way to make yourself unique in the steampunk scene.
- Technology is very minimal, but must be useful. Telescopes, tools, and water purifiers are a good start.   


Techno-Prush- once the desert tribes settled down, the south lands where found to have high resources and over the years the people began to build and create. They started industry in Prush and kick started the golden years of the empire. -(think 1890’s Germany)- there culture is all about working hard and making money.
Costume ideas
-Edwardian middle class and working gear.
-Weapons like pistols and smaller arms are expected in techno-Prush society.
-Headgear like flat top hats, bowlers. Working class hats
-Technology, well anything goes, but tools may be a good start.

Aristocrat Prush- after the war with the of Vibranni tribes, some Techno-Prush decided that they needed to try and “help” the empire by moving north and take up government jobs. Quickly they learned that the quickest way to win favor in the empire was military service. The Aristocrat Prush started the first military school in the empire, which raised them to higher places in the empire.
Costume ideas
-this is a hard one, mix Victorian out fits with mid-eastern items.
-Weapons like a sword a high quality musket/rifle works great to show how rich and well-connected you are.
-head gear, turbans, top hats in nicer the better.
-Technology, show how well of you are by having the newest and best tech on the market!   



There are two forms of military service, Confederate forces and District levys.
- Confederate forces-
 Poorly outfitted troops, mostly prisoners or poor people, Out fits look like a mixture of American civil war uniforms and ww1 gunmen helmets. Weapons are muskets, and cheaply made rifles.  

-District levys-
There’s a verity of outfits and tactics that are from every area of Prush. But each unit is mostly made up of the same groups of people like Aristocrat Prush, Techno-Prush and Traditional Prush.

Here are some descriptions of troops and their gear.

--Traditional Prush- with bows and muskets these warriors fight hard and to the last. They were light armor so they can move fast.

--Techno-Prush- they have some of the highest technology weapons on the field, but there not the most well trained forces because most of them work in factories or in retail. There very well outfitted –(mix ww1 germen gear with samurai armor, like a chest plates and pauldron)-

--Aristocrat Prush- the best of the best of the best! There family’s sent their sons to learn the trade of Prush, like Ivy League university for rich kids; the army works the same way for Prush Aristocrats. They will fight to the last; if they run their political future may be ruined! They use steam powered muskets, and the most lavish armor.-(mix samurai armor with a mix of Victorian military gear)-
-----> Prush Military Order
The Grand Army of Prush
  • Section: 15-20 prush men with light armor and a mixture of long to short range weapons. Each Section has 2-3 sergeants and a Captain.
  • Regiment: Each regiment has 3- 4 Sections. Each Regiment has 1-2 special weapon sections (Volley gun wagons and mortar carts). Each Regiment is led by a Viscount.
  • Division: Divisions have 2-3 Regiments; each Division is led by a Count.
  • Army: Each Army has as many Divisions as needed. An army is led by a Lord Commander
 (Cavalry clans are almost always connected to an Infantry Army)
  • Troop: 20- 30 Mounted men with short range weapons. A Troop is led by a Knighted member of the troop.
  • Clan: A clan is 2-3 Troops, each Clan is led by a Viscount, or a Count.
Moving Artillery -
  • Squadron: 2- 3 Land Ships, each Land ship is accompanied with a section of heavily armored solders. The Squadron is led by a Count.
  • Fleet: 2- 4 squadrons, each Fleet is led by a Lord Commander.