Timeline of Antiford's Recent Historical Periods

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The Historical Periods in Brief

Pre-Modern and Ancient History

Before 1694: A Long Time Ago, in Desert So So Dry

   Includes creation stories
   All History History of from Previous Ages
   History of the current age (8th) till Royal Rule in Antiford   
   Foundation of Antiford (1658)
   Ends with Royal Rule firmly established in Antiford (1694)

Royal Period

1694 to 1883 : The Rule of Royals

   Starts with establishment of Royal Leadership (1694)

   Ending with the Technocratic Revolution in Antiford (1883)

Revolutionary Period

1883 - 1893: The Technocratic Moment

Beginning with Revolution.
It also covers the ten years afterwards
Ends when it is all uprooted by Masquerade Mayhem

Masquerade Period

1893 - 1897: A Time of Turmoil 

The four years from Masqurade
Covering the Prush Civil War
Ending with Marigold becomming Prime Minster

The Current Period

1897 to Now.

Begins with Announcement of Marigold as Prime Minster. 
Time of Strong Leaders in Antiford and Prush