History of Human Civilizations History

During each of the Great Civilizations, there were/are multiple countries. The “civilizations” are time frames that represent times when one form of worship, rule, or conflict occurred.

For time before the Ages, see the article on the ancient world.

Age Year Event
1st 1 Founding of the First Great Civilization. Records found indicate this.
1806 Collapse of First Great Civilization.
2nd 1 Founding of Second Great Civilization.
1320 Founding of the Brotherhood of Demitrius. The Brotherhood was charged with preserving knowledge.
1327 Collapse of Second Great Civilization.
3rd 1 Founding of the Age of Peace. No conflict, war, or large scale violence occurred during this Age, if there was, it was not recorded.
537 Founding of the Library of Demitrius. End of Third Age.
4th 1 Dawn of the Age of Blood. During this age, war was constant as kings and lords fought for dominion.
74 The Brotherhood of Demitrius went into hiding and hoarded all knowledge obtained.
389 Peace finally established. End of the Age of Blood.
5th 1 Beginning of the Age of Paront. Paront, also known as the Cruel King, was crowned emperor of Orr. According to legend, Paront conquered the whole of Paorr in 1 year. Shortly after he crowned himself emperor, he vanished without a trace.
2-243 After the emperor disappeared, the many lords of individual provinces formed new countries. End of Fifth Age.
6th 1 The lords decided to focus on their own provinces. Most were weary of conflict. Beginning of the Age of Wisdom.
574 A series of events leads to a time where those who possessed knowledge of how the world works were evil. The Brotherhood was put to death.
7th 1 Beginning of the Age of Sorrow. The Brotherhood continued to be hunted and executed. During this age, the Library of Demitrius was lost.
728 End of the Age of Sorrow.

The Eighth Age

Year Event

Beginning of the Age of Enlightenment.

Education and exploration started to become more common.

6 Paorr consolidated into nine sovereign nations at peace with one another.
154-157 Several of the countries fractured due to growing populations and limited resources.
203 Reconsolidation left Paorr with twelve countries and some struggle for resources.
874 Founding of the Cult of Notae Vis (The Cult of the Knowing Face). The faith was based on fate, though it was actually built on self-fulfilling prophecies.
1237 Discovery of Araz, The Great Continent.
1237 The Cult of Notae Vis gained popularity and strength. Many were happy to give up freedoms to ensure safety and health.
1453 The Cult of Notae Vis gained enough strength and numbers that every country on Paorr was affected. After a bitter war, The Cult of Notae Vis was exiled across the ocean to Araz.
1455 Official founding of Rusticanotae.
1657-1661 Seven other countries were established including Antiford (1658), Titania (1657), and Dikaos (1661)
1658 Rediscovery of the Library of Demitrius.
1694 Antiford Monarchy firmly established.
1730 Prush Empire fully constructed.
1798 With the recovering of the Library of Demitrius, scientific development drastically increased, giving more people more opportunity to move out of their family professions.
1879 War between Antiford and The Prush Empire breaks out.
1882 Year of the Technocratic Revolution in Antiford. Civil war broke out in the Prush Empire, splitting it into the Confederacy, Mercia, and Prushland.
1883 War with the Prush Confederacy ends.


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