History of the Ancient World History

Years Ago (approximate) Event
1 million A large asteroid impacted off the coast of present day Paorr.
0.99 million Climate change rendered the continent of Araz into a desert.
Well Island formed from the remains of the asteroid.
0.95 million Ancestor of Goblins diverged from common ancestor. They moved underground where water was plentiful.
0.9 million Well Island finished migrating to current position and path.
0.5 million Ancestor of Vibranni became well adapted for desert life.
0.35 million A group of ancestral Vibranni moved north in search of food. They became the ancestors of the Yeti.
0.25 million Yeti move south to modern day Paorr and become ancestral Humans.
0.24 million Ancestral Vibranni become modern Vibranni (Demons).
0.23 million Ancestral Yeti become modern Yeti.
0.15 million Ancestral Humans become modern Humans.
30,000 The dawn of Vibranni civilization.
15,000 The last great Vibranni civilization. After this point Vibranni return to a tribal system. The ruins at Runpyuxi is the only evidence that the civilization ever existed.
8,000 First Human writing system developed.
7,498 The beginning of the First Age of Human Civilization.


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