Antiford Revolution, The History


13th Moghs 1883





The revolution following the Prodigious War that converted Antiford from a Monarchy into a Technocracy.

In 1883, a small group, known as the Technocratic Salvation Front, would not be placated and plastered literature condemning the current rule. They quickly gained support in the House of Engineers as well as among the common population. Citizens were tired of the war and the drain on the few resources had.

Moghs 13, 1883, having gained sufficient support, The Technocratic Salvation Front acted as vanguard and stormed the castle gates. With most of the military fighting in the war to the south, the revolution was swiftly over. The entire revolution occurred on a single day, with the royal family brutally executed.

The House of Nobles was disbanded, and those who were not killed during the revolution fled to Titania and White Haven. Thirteen members of the Technocratic Salvation Front formed the Technocratic Council, the secretive ruling body of Antiford. They rose the House of Engineers to a prominent position.

The new government brought about many positive changes. From providing a minimum daily water ration to requiring a minimum level of education. They also brought about many changes that caused problems. Banning home laboratories and water stills, increased police presence and surveillance.

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