The Drop of Blood

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Part 1: Time is of the Essence

As Moghs of 1883 began, a cold spell brewed a stronger winter storm that what normally rolls down the Hoganmar mountainside. This storm would cover from Mistfell through nearly Gearford. Starting as rain, but ending up as freezing ice. The sound and fury of the storm turned to a brutal and savage beating upon the woods. First bending in homage and awe. Then snapping and breaking whole trunks with cruel and merciless authority. To from the two cities, movement slowed and then stopped as if trapped in a frozen pond.

The peak of this freeze would be on 10th of Moghs. The Revolution.

( Antiford on Air : The Anitfordian Revolution )

Moghs 20th, 1883,
Ten Days Since The Revolution.
Eight Days Since Leaving Gearford in Route to Mistfell

By the second night, Gearford had been liberated from the shackles of the old order. Technocracy had won, and rolling out a new era. With the capital under control, it was determined that the next stage to secure the Antiford homeland must commence. Under this new banner, several with strong connections to other areas were tasked to secure them. I along with my brother my brother, Alaric, were tasked to return to our family home of Mistfell in order to secure it. The freeze, however, had the echo of the sovereign’s death rattle. It prevented travel by air ship and hindered progress towards Mistfell on land. Under normal conditions, direct travel from the capital to Mistfell is only four days. However, before us was a situation of wood clearing and reinforcement of the singular and winding path from the adjourning Mast River. This reclamation of travel from nature would double our travel time home.

We Engineers of Wrathchilds have had a mix reputation over time. Lauded for our guile, but considered iconoclast. Our family’s penchant was to get our hands dirty in which would typically considered below our station. Our detractors mocked us for it, as a means to hold us back when they found no other appropriate flaw against us. It meant little to us Wrathchilds. We codified it. “Statuit Sibi Victoriam”, “Self Determined Victory”.  We got the job done when others couldn’t. It was our touchstone to our family position within the House of Engineers. And to true to our family, Alaric and I added our man power to in clearing of the ice and wood that block our way forward.

As we finally exited the forest line, we came upon familiar fields and mills. On record these mills would be of ownership of the royal house of Twyford, the generational defenders of Mistfell. In practice, the Twyford family had little involvement. They at this point only saw that the Engineers of Wratchild made the mills work. And by work, they were profitable. And thus for their foresight and so-called wisdom, the Twyford Family was respected and beloved by those under their see. In time, the so called dirty secret of Mistfell was that to deal with a Wrathchild meant you might as well be dealing with a Twyford instead. In bringing a new order to Mistfell, this single fact would be our supreme leverage to keep things bloodless.

The counter leverage to bloodless change of power was that status of being the Defenders of Mistfell has seen house of Twyford be cajoled into union with House of Besswick.  The royal House of Besswick rose to prominence in Antiford though a reputation earned, rightful and some not so rightfuly, earned upon it martial prowess. As such Lord Besswick had been deployed in service of the last Anitford push across the Prodigious canyon. Complicating things further is the fact that a generation before the Twyford union, the Besswick family had been married into the sovereign’s house. Simply put, the Twyford had married the cousins to the now deceased king.  And with the expulsion of the sovereign’s line, the Besswick were one house with a serious and legitimate claim to the next bankrupt and decrepit sovereign.  With news of this reaching him, his first action would board his airship and return to Mistfell. Thus time was of the essence for us to return to Mistfall before Lord Besswick could form a new royal defense and rejection the new order from there. Failure to arrive before him would mean the Mast River would run red. Failure to stop Lord Besswick’s meant that Antiford would fall into Civil War.