Boxen and Klopken

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Boxen and Klopken

Boxen and Klopken are the two names for a domesticated moose breed found in Hoganmar Mountain range and surrounding areas. This breeds retains the power and size typical of wild moose while having a temperament more akin to a domesticated horse. This mix of attributes allows them to be replacements for pack mules, oxen, horses, and cows. Granted, it's not always they're not always best option to choose, as they required more upkeep and food. 

Boxen is the breed's Antiford name. In Titania, they are known as Klopken. If you ask any of the locals they will will tell you that the name is a corruption of ancient Titania meaning either "What a really dumb big animal" or "What a huge pile of dung".  The breed is typically black or brown haired and can found as far west as the Mistfell Domain, along parts along the Mast river and on the north side Hoganmar Mountain range in Titania.  These breeds are less common at coast line and desert habitats as the performance of these breeds drops considerably in soft shifting sand. 

In Antiford, The Mistfell Guards are known to have highly several trained Boxen Riders, known colloquially as Boxmen. Together they form the The Winged Boxmen Ryders of The Mistfell. These Boxemen are known to be capable to deploy War Boxen as as dragoons, equipped with leather armor, or as cuirassiers, fortified with metal armor and firearms. In both configurations, the theses Boxmen are known to wear a winged helmet as a symbol of status to one's ability to train and ride a war boxen.  To those who see Boxen as unpractical or the winged helm has become synonymous with utter mad persistence and stubbornness

The Winged Boxmen Ryders most famous victory came at the battle at Bronafieljge. At the key point of battle, The Winged Ryders commenced their now famous charge on the Vibranni center. The charge broke that critical point in the enemy lines, but at great cost to the unit. The result turned the favor of battle into a decisive victory for the Mistfell Defenders. With the Vibranni advance broken, The Winged Boxemen Ryders had stopped an aggressive push against Human colonization into Araz. For families that have ancestors who fought in this battle, it is not uncommon to the icon of the Ancestor depicted as as on boxen. A Statue in the civic center of Mistfell celebrates this victory. 

Out side of Mistfell, the view of Boxen and Klopken are mixed as why would one would use such an dumb animal, when one could instead have glorious Great Horned Deer instead.