Great Horned Deer Flora & Fauna





The Great Horned Deer is a herd animal that has many uses within Yeti society. It is primarily used a beast of burden and a beast of war.


The male stands between 5.5 and 6 feet at the shoulder and weighs roughly 800 pounds. The female is between 5 and 5.5 feet at the shoulder and weighs roughly 600 pounds. In the wild the male is roughly 4.5 feet at the shoulder and 500 pounds while the female is around 4 feet at the shoulder and 400 pounds.

The life expectancy for the Great Horned Deer in the wild is between twelve and eighteen years. In captivity, they generally live between 20 and 25 years.


Great-Horned Deer are primarily grazers similarly to domestic cattle, but like other deer, they also browse, eating native grasses, tree bark and sprouts, depending on the season. Domestic varieties also feed on hay and cultivated grains. They can consume upward of twenty pounds of vegetation daily.


Great-Horned Deer are herd animals and migrate according to available food sources. During the colder months, they will remain in the southern part of the country, where the forests provide ample food and protection from the harsh winds. 

Domesticated deer use in farming are herded similarly by Yeti, though typically between pastures and not into wooded areas. Those that are trained by the military or kept for urban work do not migrate and are kept in specific, enclosed pastures and stables.


Females can produce 1-2 offspring. The gestation period is approximately 250 days and the offspring weigh about 35 pounds. In the wild, when females are about to give birth, they will separate from the herd in order to do so.

Offspring will usually stay with the mother for about a year, until the following mating season.

Sex Differences

Both sexes have antlers, though the male's are more prominent. The antlers begin to grow by the end of their first year. Between their second and third years, the males begin to grow a secondary pair. These have a slight curve to them and generally to not branch out as the primary antlers do.

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