Hidden in Memories and Books

Abigail Beatrix Cormac
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The origin of Abigail Beatrix Cormac

Quest for the Lost Treasure. Part I -The Blue lens.

Captain Horatio Morlock
Captain Morlock ends up competing in a tournament during the annual Monte-Diamont Royal festival in hopes to find the blue lens.

The Boarding Party at the Masquerade: The beginning of a new quest.

Captain Horatio Morlock
A large airship is hosting a masquerade party for the rich and powerful. Not too far away the crew aboard the Burning Duchess's Curse are planning a little party of their own. Find out what happened to Captain Morlock and his men during this covert operation.

The Mystery of Fox Hollow

Theodore Emelior Beem
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Antiford is hosting the First Annual Librarian Conference in Gearford and its expected to be a grand affair. Librarians from all over Araz are expected to join the festivities.

Although Theodore Emelior Beem is less than pleased about the prospect of spending three days with his fellow librarians he is intrigued by the opportunity to spend the week at the mysterious Fox Hollow, which had formally been closed to the public. Together with new friend and fellow librarian Astrid Westergaard, they are forced to face down danger and solve a mystery which will test them in ways they could never have imagined. Thankfully, they have the help of their companions, Captain Fox, A Lesser Titanian Forest Cat and Arten, A Moon Faced Cave Bear.



Maia fell asleep relatively safe in a dark alleyway. . . but that's not where she wakes up. A continuation of "Not For The Work."

The Woman On The Platform

Astrid Westergaard
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Itinerant, No. 1 // This city only has two kinds of people: those who are thirsty or desperate and those who want to keep them that way.


The Fate of Elbin the Vibranni

The Baron Nester Delgado of Argenstrath

A poor Vibranni tramp finds himself in the lair of the malicious Dr. Thyous. 



Astrid Westergaard and Lieutenant Joel Arnett

One way or another, we all pay for our sins.

A collection of nine very short stories for the Flash Horror Challenge.

Warnings: moderately graphic content; reference to drug use, murder, etc; overabundance of sentence fragments.


A Library Fine Comes Due

Theodore Emelior Beem and Lucas Merriweather Buford

Lucas Merriweather Buford comes to the Science and Technology Library in Gearford and learns the importance of returning books on time and paying his fines.

This was submitted for the Horror Flash Fiction Challenge.

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