All Rise

Lieutenant Joel Arnett
Judge Adrian Sandoval is sick of the state of the Technocracy. He takes steps to change things.

10th Anniversary Video

Lucas Merriweather Buford, Phinneus Caractacus Cromwell, Abigail Beatrix Cormac, Captain Leo Swift, Astrid Westergaard, Lieutenant Joel Arnett, The Emperor of Prush, Ely Ograg, Gilbert Melker Wrathchild, Theodore Emelior Beem, and Lady Serena Delgado
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Members and Friends of our community celebrate our 10th anniversary


Intro To Steampunk / Live Q&A - 2020

Lucas Merriweather Buford, Phinneus Caractacus Cromwell, and Abigail Beatrix Cormac
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A steampunk beginner's guide and Antiford group Q&A performed for the Jewelry City Steampunk Virtual Festival 2020


Folklore and Legend of the Kantebury Empire

Lieutenant Joel Arnett
Stories, Myths, and Legends from around the Kantebury Empire. This Anthology of stories handles some old stories and some newer ones.

Pictures of Ely Ograg

Ely Ograg
Here are some picture of my character Ely.  Hope you like them!

The Kantebury Empire

Lieutenant Joel Arnett

My thoughts on a Paorrian Empire


Strike! Strike! Strike!

Lieutenant Joel Arnett
Gregor witnesses the dangers of standing up for workers' rights.

Night Phoenixes vs The Iron Badgers

Captain Horatio Morlock

(A writen account on how a game of Perch Ball is played.)

After Finishing a job for the army the base commander requests for a Perch Ball match from Morlock and his team to play theirs. 


Virtual Meeting July 2020

Lucas Merriweather Buford
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Meeting online in July 2020.

Video chat discussions

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